IncGamers Interview - Shane Warne on Ashes Cricket 2009

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani and Peter Parrish talk to cricket legend Shane Warne about Ashes Cricket 2009 and find out how the game handles compared to real cricket, how the feel of a five-day test is handled, and much more.

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thetamer2998d ago

I am not sure I like him

Leord2998d ago

I think I agree.. Something there...

JonnyBadfinger2998d ago

Thats cause your a retard.

Warney is a legend (sex addict and man whore) but a bloody legend. If only all blokes were like him.

Greatest cricketer since Bradman, but worst poker player EVER!

cayal2998d ago

Warney is the best. Bloody legend.

Chazmers2998d ago

A legend from the sport

Maticus2998d ago

Cor he's looking ropey nowadays.