Chip Sales Confirm No Microsoft Vista Boom

Sales of pc chips were weak in January and February this year, falling 12 per cent in the quarter, year on year.
According to Bruce Diesen, senior analyst at Terra Securities ASA, "inventories and expectations for Vista were too high at the end of Q4."

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shotty4249d ago

As I remember alot of people bought the retail copy of vista instead since the PCs shipped in January and february were basically XP machines that have been upgraded to Vista.

WilliamRLBaker4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

so the analyst is trying to say that because chip sales are down 12% that vista isn't booming? let alone the fact maybe the fact that 90% of consumers wait till Sp1 before buying an Microsoft made OS any more, or maybe the fact most hardware RIGHT now doesn't take advantage of all that vista is capable of?

Like HHD's the new fangled hard drives with super fast Ram on them that vista was literally programmed to one really owns em yet....maybe thats why no ones buying new hardware as much cause they are waiting for stuff that really takes vista into account, or maybe they are waiting for hardware manufacuterers to actually make some good drivers.

EZCheez4248d ago

Posting things from the inquirer seems about as bad as posting something someone said in a forum.

WilliamRLBaker4248d ago

But you need to look at the site first, is not the same As Theenquirer the grocery store rack fakeish magazine the inquirer is actually a genuine tech site.

Inasid4248d ago

Although most of their material does seem slanted against Microsoft.

EZCheez4248d ago

I understand that. I am basing my opinion on the past articles that have shown up on this web site that also held little to no merit in their story. Thanks for the backup though (no sarcasm).