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The Matrix3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

I'll be cutting back on video games this fall/winter... Only so I can spend that much more the beginning of next year!!

120FPS3087d ago

The "bobby" effect, good job i have enough consoles and games to keep me going til 2010

skeletonss3087d ago

call of fail 6, 2010 became even more intense for all gamers. Prepare all to loose wives, children and girlfriends to the next wave of games coming out. If they dont leave you, they will die of boredum from watching.

DiffusionE3087d ago

Activision and that sack o' potatoes they call their CEO can s**k it. Hello to online file-sharing fairy...

MontyFontaine3087d ago

Activision and that twat cake CEO can give my balls a thoroughly good kissing.

L4D2 for me I think. Oh, and hopefully 'WET' will kick arse, too.

RobertKotick3087d ago

hehe thats what i like to see, il just go and tell my kids we're eating caviar tonight

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The story is too old to be commented.