10.0 Windows 7 Full RTM review

Windows 7 is complete. After previews and beta versions and then the Windows 7 Release Candidate, the Windows 7 team has decided that Windows 7 is ready to release. Windows 7 is making its way onto MSDN and TechNet, and is already with PC makers.

Windows Technical Beta Program members will be getting their free Windows 7 in the next few days.

This isn't the exact version of Windows 7 that you'll get on a new PC, because there are still content deals for Media Center to lock down and it doesn't have the Windows 7 web browser ballot screen that users in Europe are likely to see when they set up a Windows 7 PC (new or upgraded).

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madmonkey03090d ago

windows 7, it looks good, basically what vista should of been. but the problem for me is the cost. i could build a PC and buy a monitor and install xp pro for the cost of this OS.

Nihilism3090d ago

that's my thinking on the matter too, in paid $300 aus for my OEM only copy of vista ultimate 64bit, i think my money will go towards a new mobo or something, and then i'll get win7 when i'm fully upgrades, that limited install of windows is b.s, i'm always upgrading and i swear i've installed vista 3 times already for that very reason

urban bohemian3090d ago

And it allowed me to not buy an OS when I built my new machine! So actually saved me money.

And also Windows 7 has some good pre-order deals atm (50%) off.

I think on day one it will expensive, but it really is IMO the best OS Microsoft have put out. XP was good after several service packs but 7 has been great since day one. I haven't had it crash at all, it works with all my software and hardware and it boots in literally 1/4 or 1/3 of the time of any other OS.

In short I recommend it. And I dont work for Microsoft!

usern4g3089d ago

I preordered 3 copies of Windows 7 Ultimate and 3 Copies of Office 2007 for the house.

El_Colombiano3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

That was stupid usern4g, you can install Windows 7 on three computers with them all being genuine with one disk.

Loxhart3090d ago

Wow, I still found Vista to be good. I'll eventually upgrade it though.

gusto3090d ago

Windows 7 is looking really nice - I can't wait to upgrade.

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The story is too old to be commented.