End of Eternity City Exploration Gameplay

Gameplay video of city exploration in End of Eternity (also known as Resonance of Fate).

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A_Little_Girl3241d ago

looks like a complete different games with out all the gun action

GameGambits3241d ago

I'm calling it right now. First amazing JRPG this generation. Say what you will on everything we've had thus far, because there are games I've heavily enjoyed, but still nothing of PS2 and PS1 era days of JRPG greatness. I am putting all my faith into this title.

Baba19063241d ago

looks amazing. cant wait

Da One3241d ago

all Sega has to do is nail the voice acting and i think we've gotta winner

Crystallis3241d ago

Looks great, when is it hitting the states?

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The story is too old to be commented.