Gears of War Map Pack - Screenshots!

Grab your chainsaw and prepare for battle! Four all-new maps are due to land on the Marketplace this Thursday check out the full details and first screenshots over at The Above!

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zonetrooper54249d ago

Wow they look pretty awesome maybe i will buy the map pack. ;)

eques judicii4249d ago

i really want bullet marsh and garden... the other two are ok but definitely want the first two... kryll inside the game will be awesome!

MoonDust4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

I rather not.

masterg4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

No one is forcing anyone to buy anything.
Don't get why so many are complaining.

MoonDust4249d ago

There is no way i would ever pay this much for a game that got all screwed up after the last update.

It's your money, buy it if you want.

God of Gaming4249d ago

Well we already did receive 2 free maps and its not like they are milking us similar to other games. 10 dollars 6 months after the games has been out is not a bad deal.

sajj3164249d ago

Its 10 dollars. If you are want your multiplayer goodyness, fork over the money, and buy the maps.

BIadestarX4249d ago

Altis1, your are right. But did you know that Microsoft funded Gears? So, it's not only that EPIC just hired microsoft to publish the game. Did you know that?

Fanboys are gay4249d ago

after all the fuss epic kicked up about not being allowed to release the maps for free i was expectint the price at around 100-400 points, but looks like MS has persuaded them by showing them how much they could make

BIadestarX4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Actually you are very very missinformed. "MS has persuaded" Microsoft didn't persuaded them. Microsoft told them to. Microsoft paid for the development of Gears, Microsoft owns the publishing right epic ows the IP.
So, Epic can b!tch all the want and want wherever they want but it's up to microsoft to decide if they should give their $h!t for free. EPIC got paid + getting royalties... Microsoft funded the project + on top even designed the 360 to run this game (GPU 512 anyone) which cost lots of money. So, bottom line EPIC has no final word. Now, with their own IP (i.e. Unreal Tournament) they can do wherever they want.

Here is an example, that may help some of you understand.
Let's say I have an idea about a restaurant but I don't have the money or maybe it's a risky idea. So, I go to an insvestor and ask him to fund it. I make a deal that he will own the restaurants if he put all the money but that I want a % of the money that it's made. I also agree that they will advertise and market the restaurants. Ok, after everything is done and the chain of restaurants are made and we start making some money, regarless of how much money and resources the investor and want to start making dinner for free to everyone that wants it. (mother fker me... the agreement was that the investor will market the restaurants, manage them... and I would just sit and make a %) well, as you can see... EPIC has no right to dictate when content for Gears is free. Period! If they did they would excersice that right and say, "fk you M$, we are doing it free" like other games have done.

Altis14249d ago

.... Microsoft is the publisher and has the publishing rights to it.

dantesparda4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

So let me get this straight, you are b!tching that Epic tried to get us the maps for free!? what a fvcking fool you are, you fvcking rabid fanboy. And where does it say, that they made the graphics chip for this game?

SDS Overfiend4249d ago

800 points at all.This is Bullsh1t on behalf of MS. They should have given out 6 maps at least and fix the Online Coding to optimize Maiximum upload being that Most Internet Service provided have boosters available.

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