MW2 Prestige goody was originally a fake flashbang

Rather than include a fully-functional pair of night vision goggles, Modern Warfare 2's Prestige Edition was originally due to contain a fake flashbang and a set of dogtags.

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Mo0eY3273d ago

Now that I am reading this about the flashbangs, are these nightvision goggles actually nightvision goggles, or do they just make everything green?

Sangria3273d ago

According to 4-0-2 (IIRC), they are fully functional, so it appears to be cheap true NVGs. But i guess we wont know until we have a neutral opinion about it.

PirateThom3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Considering the cost of a proper pair of NVGs, I'd guess they're probably going to be useless in a really dark setting, probably better for low light amplification in dusk.

cyberwaffles3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

on average, a pair of real military grade NVGs such as the AN/PVS-14s cost about $5,000 a set. i've seen some cheap ATN PVS7's for up to 3,000 bucks and a PS-15-3A for like 7,000. the cheapest NVG's that i can think of are probably about $500 and even then it might be stretching it.

so like pirate thom said, they're probably really cheap but still good enough for low traces of light. these won't be the ones where you can be in a pitch black room and see perfectly like the ones in the silence of the lambs.

Rifle-Man3273d ago

I think that they're not even night vision goggles at all. Real NVGs use light amplification. These ones probably use infrared, which is just another form of light, but invisible to the human eye.

Unfortunately, they'd be useless in a combat situation since anyone with a device like a simple video camera with infrared could see you hiding in the bush looking like you're wearing a miner's hat.

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crimsonfox3273d ago

the dog tags would have probably been cool...
but i would never wear them...
and the night vision goggles i'd probably wear for allot of other dumb crap with friends and what in the dark haha

Kushan3273d ago

Unless your girlfriend (or boyfriend, I'm not one to judge!) has some weird fantasy of getting rammed by Sam Fischer, I don't think that's going to slide =P

ParanoidMonkey3273d ago

You have sex with your friends in the dark?

crimsonfox3273d ago

oh most def my money friend

Nelson M3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

And your Stupid Game and Shove em up your Egotistical Ass

maspi3273d ago

I'm really pissed when videogames are packed with these toys for kids.

DiffusionE3273d ago

Yeah, they need to put real guns and ammo in the package so we can really blow each other to pieces. Good times.....

maspi3272d ago

ahahaha LOL nice! ;) bubble 4 you.

swishman3273d ago

nvgs are so much better than a crappy flashbang and dogtags

Pebz3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I think they should include both NVGs and REAL flashbangs, the two mix really well. Especially in the hands of stupid people.

Pebz3273d ago

Yes, like me. I was the one asking for it, wasn't I?

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