New Sega RPG incoming

A new website has popped up from Sega teasing a new RPG to be unveiled on August 20th.

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umair_s513237d ago

Please tell me a sequel to Valkyria Chronicles is in development.

Dragun6193237d ago

This better not be a handheld game. Hoping for Skies of Arcadia 2 or Phantasy Star 5 for the consoles.

But I doubt it, realistically, it will probably be another DS game. Considering how well sold Dragon Quest 9 in japan.

urban bohemian3237d ago

such a great game, i even play it occassionally now, huge depth and hundreds of side quests in it.

Ravage273237d ago

as much as i wish for it to be a full console jrpg,it'll probably be another DS rpg...sigh~ Also the fact that Sega is already hard at work with Resonance of Fate makes it even more unlikely. :(

120FPS3237d ago

I have both HD consoles and i am yet still waiting for a QUALITY japanese RPG (released on PAL), the best we have so far is Lost Odyssey and its what 2 years old now.

Before anyone jumps in with VC, i have that game and it was good but not what i would consider a true JRPG

Blacksand13237d ago

VC was awesome and it was up for a reward yesterday so you can't say it didn't do well on PS3 they should make to copy for the PS3 and PSP they will make money off both games i just made it to the end twice i love the funny scene in it and love story's to it was great's sad they taking it away for the PS3.

Tribunal3237d ago

dont kill me, but any word on trophies?

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The story is too old to be commented.