Was Gaming Better Before DLC?

"Microtransactions as little as one cent" – these were Microsoft's immortal words when the Xbox 360 was building up to release and the concept of DLC was being championed as the future of gaming. One cent... what a laugh – if they had announced plans to have a Frog from Uranus Button on the controller, which when pressed caused frogs to leap gleefully from your arse, it would have been more believable. For the most part the Live Marketplace is a monument to unfathomable greed – it started with horse armour, and that sour debut looks tame in comparison to some of the disgusting tactics seen in recent times as publishers actively seek to undermine how you feel about your game purchase. It begs the question, was gaming better before DLC?

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Mo0eY3148d ago

I concur.

Now we have to pay to unlock maps, characters, costumes, etc. Last generation, did we ever do this? No.

vShinobi3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

I agree.

DLC used to be a nice addition but now its gotten out of hand with the exclusive BS, we pay for a game to have THE FULL EXPERIENCE not a half finished product that later has exclusive DLC you will never be able to get if its on a console you don't own, its gotten to the point of doing some research and such making sure you make the right purchase and the sad part is its going to continue to get worse.

SlappingOysters3148d ago

Is that a lot of the DLC ends up in box copy form eventually anyway. Just like the old days in the form of expansion packs.

I do really wish that DLC would at least get cheaper over time. Why not drop everything into the 'classics range' a couple of months after release, so you can go back to old games way down the track and get a bit more enjoyment out of them on the cheap.

GameForFame3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

DLC can definitely prolong the life of a game and expand on the experience, but you also see the evilness of it all the time. Games dropping and then a week later some lame sh*t comes out that should have been in the actual game.

But you also see games lasting longer than they would have without it. Warhawk for example, didn't have that many levels but through time they added levels/weapons/new game modes that all fall into additional content - not just extra content that costs money. Some was free, others were not. That totally prolonged the life of the game.

It can both be beneficial and a big turn off. Makes me feel the same way about patches - while it seems that more games get rushed out with some minor to major problems they can be patched but the Devs sometimes seem to rely on the fact that they can patch a game. It goes both ways. Anyone who says simply no is probably too cheap to buy extra stuff anyways, so naturally they think down on it.

Information Minister3148d ago

Hell no! I love paying full price for half a game. /sarcasm

QSPR3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

change my mind :D

DevastationEve3148d ago

Because before DLC there were expansion packs, and whether you liked it or not you were going to get that pink and white stripped costume...

DLC let's you pick and purchase only the stuff you want.

Poopface the 2nd3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

I dont like the Idea of exclusive DLC, or overpriced crap. But I have a choice. I really dont buy DLC much but I think things like the Fallout DLC or the oblivion shivering Isles are some pretty Good DLC that I may buy someday.

I think there are bad points and good points with DLC. Fortunatly for me I was blessed with a mind and I can choose to buy the DLC or not.

If you think a particular DLC sux then dont buy it. Maybe you should not buy the actual game too.

I really dont care about DLC because no one is forcing me to buy it. I dont feel like im missing out on anything by not buying a DLC>

If I think a game is worth it, Ill but it. If I think a DLC is worth it, ill DL it. If I dont think theese things are worth it, I wont buy it. Just like the other 99.9% of things that I dont buy in this world.

EDIT-- Is it just me or is it hilarious that people hate on DLC more than a RAPE video game. THe argument there was rights and freedom to make what you want. what about the right to make and purchase DLC. How would you people feel about DLC for the rape game?

KingME3148d ago

The DLC is not to blame here, it the greedy a$$ software houses and publishers that are ruining it. They want to squeeze every single penny they can out of their customers.

And when I say "They" I mean all of them. (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft,etc.)

Bnet3433148d ago

Yes, it was. But sometimes DLC can be done well. Like Fallout 3 DLC. Everyone seems to like it.

ps3d03148d ago

Yes and no. Some companies really do take their time to make good DCL that as life to the game rockstar/GTA4, Epic/Gears, Lionhead/Fable and Bethesda fallout/elder scroll (noted the horse armor was a rip off) Before these game would of been re-released with extra content and you have re buy the game over again or just do with out.

Then there are the companies like Namco (I didnt buy sc4 cause of the whole vader/yoda thing) and EA that just sell you code to unluck content already on the disc

pain777pas3148d ago

Of course it was better before DLC. DLC is now planned to get more money out of us. Patches should be all that we should want or have to download. Nuff said.

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kaveti66163148d ago

Yes, before DLC I never had to worry about actually finishing a game that I purchased. Now, if I get a game like Fallout 3, which I have, I don't truly feel like I have completed the game because Bethesda decided to release extra content, most of which has been poorly rated, and one of which changes the story. How lame. DLC will become a mainstay, but it will force me to think twice before I make the initial investment in a game. Some people love DLC. Extra content for games they love. What could be wrong? My problem with it is money. I'm not made of it, and I don't want to feel left out of the gaming experience despite the fact that I actually paid for the game. The way most of you gamers felt about how Capcom screwed you over with the co-op DLC is basically how I feel about all DLC. Why can't they just add all the content on the disc. If there's not enough room, just give us the DLC for free for Christ's sake.

wiggles3148d ago

Like in very few games it is cool such as Fallout3's DLC which come in at 5 hours...but when people take stuff out just to shove it up our asses later is terrible.

120FPS3148d ago

I would say no, take DLC out of the equation and the games are far better than they were, DLC is just an added bonus for those who want more, its not like games feel incomplete without it (with the exeption of Fallout 3 who capped it at level 20 which was abit gay)

Sucks2BU3148d ago

I just spent the last hour playing tetris and it was rad.

Super mario kart, GoldenEye, Street Fighter II, Grim Fandango, Dark Forces.. not sure if games are better, they just look it.

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