Missing Wii features

"When Wii launched in late 2006 it showcased a new way to play games that many gamers and non-gamers embraced. Like every system released before it though, it wasn't yet perfect. There were a few improvements that could be made to take the system from great to spectacular. First, there was the issue of Nintendo's online service. Though free, few games supported it; additionally, friend codes were, and still are, awful. Next there was the promise of great DS/Wii connectivity. Nintendo admitted that the connectivity between Gamecube and Gameboy Advance wasn't done properly, but promised they would do it right this generation. Finally, the channels that came with the console were very cool and the ones that slowly rolled out after the system launched were fun and free. Nearly three years after launch where do we stand with respect to these features?"

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Product3215d ago

I do wish Nintendo did more connectivity between the Ds and Wii. Such a wasted potential.

Goomba123215d ago

I really wish Nintendo would put more interesting channels up.

Nihilism3215d ago

if the wii had a hdmi cable it would be truly awesome, the wii is all about the games, not the graphics ( and it obviously doesn't have the same capabilities as the other console's), but when i had my nintendo wii, it sucked playing it on a hdtv because of the resolution difference/av cables

Microsoft Xbox 3603215d ago

The wii with just hdmi won't improve the graphics.

Nihilism3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

I never said it would, but having a digital cable to scale the resolution would improve the appearance on a hdtv, as well as removing artifacts ..which is what i just said

what the hell is wrong with you people, i just said having a hdmi cable would be good because it would look better, and actually that's a really stupid analogy, it would be more like putting high octane fuel in a sh!t box, stupid f&*^s

KILLA J3215d ago

playing the Wii on an HDTV it's like putting regular gas on a Lamborguini

ChickeyCantor3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Wouldn't component cables do something similar?
You shouldn't use Scart/Av cables on a HDtv.

RBG cables work fine on some HD tv's(Some of them optimize the input), but best fit would be a Component Cable.

N4g_null3215d ago

dchalfont you need some thing like a line doubler or a DPL HDtv.

Try getting the people who are selling you an HDtv to show off some real dvds on them... hell bring your own DVD your self. I do this stuff all the time.

Yet some thing tell me you bought the wrong HDtv... You have to tell people you it it to have good sd out put also.. other wise you will get a TV that only does HD right. Sad but true... and a real HDtv is expensive!

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TheMART3215d ago

Missing Wii features?

- Real next gen hardware, 720p/1080p reso's
- Wiimote plus coming with the Wii instead of a broken Wiimote
- Good games
- Decent online

Now thats whats missing.

dazzalfc3215d ago

As much as i think you're a pain at times, have to agree with you on every point there. Infact i cannot believe the amount of stick Nintendo has gotten away with this generation, especially when the 360 and PS3 have been involved in nearly every heated debate

TheMART3215d ago

Well thats just because the 360 & PS3 are for the same audience and the Wii is selling to a new one, the nongamer (never touched a controller before or just didn't play any games).

Thats why it got away. That and there aren't so many Wii fanboys on N4G ;-)

nighthawk37293215d ago

I've had all the systems for about 2 and a half years now, and I can say from the heart, the only game I bought was zelda, and that sucked. I used my wii as a glorified gamecube this gen, with like 3 games.

There are like 3 or 4 good wii games, that's it.

Product3215d ago

@ above

"There are like 3 or 4 good wii games, that's it."
That might be it for you.

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