We need a PC App Store

The Apple iPhone App Store has revolutionised IP publishing over the last year and a bit. Tens of thousands of apps, billions of downloads. A business model that is so elegant and pervasive that it has now been widely imitated for a variety of platforms, but not yet for the PC.

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Algullaf3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

who need apps store on pc when we have torrent xD

we can download softwares movies music (windows system) all for free.

windows 7 is my next download and that what the apple app store lack

evrfighter3180d ago

what'd he steal? thievery and pirating are different imo. Both against the law and not one better than the other but still different.

machpants3180d ago

But even without the scummy thievery of some there are still thousands of quality free offerings to the PC, unlike Apple etc.

Google is my app store: I can get AV, office, OS, any media recording/editing, etc etc software. All quality and ALL FREE!

We don't need no stinking proprietary Apple cr4p on PCs, I wouldn't (for example) install the rubbish that is iTunes anywhere near my PC!

Xi3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

go there, search for what you want and purchase it.
or you can just google it, go to the website of whatever software you want and buy it straight from them. 90% of reputable software companies have a store.

If you want games?
Direct to drive

PS store

And not to mention almost all of the apps for the iphone/touch are the equivalent of freeware you can get on the PC.

Bruceongames3180d ago

But none of this is a one stop shop for everything. Games, utilities, whatever. Some free.

A place for PC users to go and browse. A place for software authors to publish.

Hercules3180d ago

u beat me to it, as soon as read the titles i was going to post for games bruice (ha gta4 ftw) i suggest Steam, two places shouldnt hurt

Microsoft Xbox 3603180d ago

As much as I love my iPhone, the Appstore is one hard place to look for good non crappy software. Majority of the apps on the store are shovelware.

trgz3180d ago

Why do you need a shop for software when demo's can be made available and developers can sell direct circumventing third parties trying to take their slice of the pie? It's like saying the best thing for the customer would be to move CD's/MP3's into a high street shop and sell them there instead - we saw how bad that was for the consumer.

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The story is too old to be commented.