Microsoft Now Using LBP Music

Many people have associated LittleBigPlanet with the song Get it Together by the Go! Team. However, it seems Microsoft has decided to begin using this song in a recent advertisement for their Xbox 360.

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DasBunker3213d ago

so M$ not only steals sonys games but also their music! SOB!


Shadow Man3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

And Sony stole achivements and Forza 2 pics for their Grand Turismo 5 Website.

Cyrax_873213d ago

Gee, announcing multiplat titles is a very magical thing these days isn't it?

Omegasyde3213d ago

And Microsoft Stole Mii's concept and turned into Avatars.

The list can go on forever, really. Props on the Natal however, about time Microsoft brought something new to the table.

I just wish Microsoft would follow the Sony route and starting producing original games besides Viva Pinata and some XBL games.

MAiKU3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Oh Shadow woman that is juuuuust hilarious. So hilarious how you spun that around.

But why should we hate? we all love a company that doesn't do anything themselves and just take in all the good ideas and spam other people have it all over the place as their own like a retard on steroids, right? But they're so great they can come up with stuff on their own, eventually. Go M$ FTW!

For every one you have against the real game companies, the gaming community can easily come up with 10 to yours. And that video, is a shinning example of one of them.

@ Omegasyde
Some XBL games? i kinda agree with you there, but then they use the concept and gameplay from a good XBL game to make various similar (Sometimes even look the same) games they still expect people to buy. And don't they have to pay just to get online to the XBL?

Ilikegames763213d ago

stole your brain Shadow Man. They also stole the technology behind the PS3 architecture. They stole the GUI from Apple OS.

MAiKU3213d ago

Oh ho ho, looks like we gots some angry xbot fairies spamming the disagree button on this story. A little sensitive aren't we?

Mo0eY3213d ago

Fvck, I knew someone would say it so I had my list (which is already saved so I can just copy and paste this out to own xbots) ready:

Windows NT - stolen from IBM
Zune - stolen from iPod
Zune HD - stolen from iPod Touch
Apple commercial rip off - "I'm a PC"
Windows Mobile - trying to play catch up to Android / iPhone OS.
Windows Vista - Leopard Mac OS X
Windows 7 - Leopard Mac OS X
Xbox - designed after Dreamcast
Halo - from Apple
RARE - from Nintendo (and turned to crap, lulzies)
"Exclusives" - stolen from Sony (because they can't come up with anything original) (MGS was not exclusive retardos)

And now LBP music, lulz. M$ wants LBP on their console so bad they have to pop in the music, close their eyes, and drool of Sackboy running on a giant Halo level with Sackboy dressed as Marcus Felix.

Innovate and jump in.

zag3213d ago

Natal is just PSeye or PS2/3 camera.

WinMobile been out for at least 15 years now, so Ipod and Andriod are really rip offs of Win mobile.

Window is a Ripp of of Amiga OS, which blows away Windows and Mac OS easy, Linux is about as close as it gets to Amiga OS though you can go and buy it for PC now.

el zorro3213d ago

When your aim is to hate on something it is easy to find stuff that came before that supposedly was copied. I could do the same thing with Sony or any other company. Unless you think Sony invented TVs, game consoles or cell phones...

AngryTypingGuy3213d ago

I love it when MS steals franchises from Sony. Oh wait, they can't steal franchises from Sony, because all of the former PS exclusives belong to third parties. But nevertheless, it puts a smile on my face.

iagainsti1203212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

@Mooey - get your facts strait and someone might believe you btw The sega dreamcast was a joint venture between MICROSOFT and SEGA.
You say that Vista and Windows 7 are ripoffs of OSX, dude i cant see any resemblance at all i have all 3 operating systems and i prefer Windows 7 64bit

oh and Little Big Planet sucked i played it 1/2 way through and had enough of it

Etseix3212d ago

mmm something smells silly in here
the comemrcial says
*connect ur xbox 360 to nternet, and go on live*
ermm.... where is the
*pay 50 bucks for a membership and then u can go on live*

i didnt heard that sentence =/

so.. MS makes the ppl think its free, then they buy it and when looking its NOT FREE they say *dam, o well i already wasted 200+$ dlls so.. i can spend 50 more :D*

well indeed thats, a great way to sell bad consoles lol

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Sk8boyP3213d ago

LittleBigPlanet music? I think the title is a Little misleading. The song comes from "Thunder, Lightening, Strike" which released in '05. Not LBP music, but the Go Team music.

ActionBastard3213d ago

That same music/song has been in LBP trailers since before its launch. Sure, it's Go Team music, but it's LBP music too. Hell, it's in the game. And the only reason the song is recognizable.

erathaol3213d ago

As the saying goes, "Imitation is the sincerest of flattery."

MAiKU3213d ago

I'll make it easy for you to understand than OP, that music was used with little big planet in order to portray a sense of togetherness in a gaming concept with various players using LBP.

Now uhm, here's the real thinking is needed. That ad for the xbox was mostly about games and it's XBL (a online gaming community) and it's customizable avatars right?

-Sackboy (customizable avatar)
-Online LBP gaming community (just like the XBL)
-The gaming aspect (Xbox is a gaming console)

Over 90 percent of that ad used the song in the same manner and portrayal that it was used for LBP. So it's more than just taking the song, it's also taking another company's marketing tactic.

3213d ago
Greywulf3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I mean it has a huge create-share fanbase right? I mean everyone pretended to love banjo..

Till they went to the store and no one bought any copies.

At all.

MS is doing what MS does best. Look at others to define themselves, its sad... its very very sad.

"buh buh achievments" yeah.. and thats literally it. 1 thing. Vs the entire laundry list of "lol @ hdmi" "lol @ movies" "lol @ HOME" "lol @ direct game downloads" "lol @ web browser im too busy playing GAMES" "lol @ motion controls"

rinse & repeat. Im just glad Sony keeps pushing out new innovative ideas, i'd feel sorry for gamers that want that M$ & EA only world. Thank god second place has never won a gen, else we would all be looking forward to Unreal Engine DLC1.5 in 2020. Say whatever you want, but Sony isn't in a hurry to "complete their lineup" with Microsoft mega franchises. Hell most of you should thank Sony for having MGS & bootleg other spinoffs to look forward to. Rising would have never been made if M$ didn't want to steal the success of MGS4-bluray specific title from the PS3. No Forza without GT.

Silver lining :)

Model3213d ago

how "innovative" from MS

IdleLeeSiuLung3213d ago

For one, that is a great tune, but I also think MS if intentional which I think it is, is a great idea. It is a sense of familiarity in the song, not to mention fitting for the advertisement.

Most people that heard the song, might not connect it to the game just like how the iconic "Mad World" Gears of War trailer came. The song existed way before that and was included in the Donnie Darko movie (great movie by the way)!

CWMR3213d ago

-Hey Greybush, those games that Microsoft supposedly "stole" were not Sony's games in the first place. They were third party games that happened to have been released on the dominant console last generation.

Those publishers have no obligation to Sony to only produce games for them from here to eternity.

And Microsoft is doing exactly what any platform holder should do: securing as many games for their platform as they can. To do anything less would be a disservice to the owners of their console. Sony did exactly the same thing when they moved into the video game business.-

SevWolf3213d ago

Well, I don't mind it in a big way, but I do find it a bit annoying, but hey as long as I know every time I hear that song I think of one of the greatest games ever then I'm cool about it(the song was implemented very well in the third level, at JUST the right time.)
Also since this was posted on Gametrailers awhile back, I'm gonna ask the same question most users asked(including me). In the ad they say "play games with your friends online for free". REALLY? Now isn't that false advertising?
@CWMR=Cow Woman Microsoft Rat....see I can make fun of names too...does that make me cool as you, or do I still need years of trolling?

ShabzS3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

lbp / sony dont own the music ...


damn look at all the 12 year olds bit*hing about this? go finish your home work guys

InfectedDK3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I think it is stupid because most people recognize the song and says "hey! That is from that game, you know, the one with some teddybears runnin' 'round, very cool game!" and then the friend says "How cool! But the game is exclusive to the PS3.."

DaTruth3213d ago

It's not MS's fault their ad execs are playing LBP on their PS3's at home!

Syronicus3213d ago

Too bad they had no music from their own exclusives that they could use for the image they are trying to portray.

gaffyh3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Very sly from MS, but obviously Sony doesn't own this music. It seems like MS tactic is to sometimes confuse the consumer into thinking a product is something other than what it is. Couple of examples:
- Halo Wars: They only showed CG stuff in trailers, a LOT of people bought the game thinking it was a normal Halo.
- This music is associated with LBP, they trying to make people think they have a game like that on their system

They also wrote "connect for free" on the advert for XBL, obviously this is misleading, they then put small print at the end so they don't get sued. But a lot of companies do this, so it's not that big of a deal.

AssassinHD3213d ago

Are you sure about that? Isn't that a Columbia Records song? Sony owns Columbia Records.

IrishRepublicanArmy3213d ago

well if they were doing this advert they would add in that its not free to play online games,
heir consoles brake ater a few months,
online is plagued by lag,
and immature 10 yr olds,
there too unorigional to find a song that wasnt heavily used in ps3 marketing,
the entertainment isnt endless as there is no browser,
and we charge 60bucks a year just to go online to play against your friends!

the top gear lads wud have enjoyed making this one! ;)

GameForFame3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Technically though it's not "LBP Music" but who wouldn't immediately think that? Kinda funny though cause that is the first thing to come to mind. "Ooooh, that LBP song!"

M$, come up with something original. lol

navyguy213213d ago

Thats Hilarious!!, That song is older than most of us on here!!! Fanboys are sad!!

darthv723213d ago

I for some not associate this song with LBP nor would I really associate it with the MS ad. It would be like trying to associate the song mad world with gears of war. In all honesty it is simply marketing and nothing more.

If you want to associate a song with anything...try the original artist. Give credit where credit is due.

pixelsword3213d ago

..."we invented LBP music".

..."and avatars".

Christopher3213d ago

I honestly find it disrespectful to your fellow game developers, but that's not what marketing is about.

What Microsoft is doing is taking Sony's song of choice for the "play, create & share" campaign so far and to relate it to their own products. They're watering down the ability of the song to be used later on and displacing its importance when tied to the line of games Sony has for this, including ModNation Racers.

It's good business sense, but really dirty fighting. I dislike it, but my opinion really doesn't matter. Honestly, I hope Sony looks at this tactic and goes forward with properly licensing their future songs so that they can't be used by their competitors.

Real Gambler3213d ago

Wow, apart from the video in the tvs, this could easily be made into a level for LBP. (In fact, they not only used the song, but the whole feeling about it, so it's making it very easy for anybody to make a level out of it). So watch youtube, it should be there shortly : )

d--keller3213d ago

No matchmaking, no Netflix = no value. Ability to create an avatar and message friends is as lame as Home with no mic support outside of your personal space. and that is laaaaaaame.

Greywulf3213d ago

So take it up with them, and the 360 community that supports it and claims its huge news at E3.

To STEAL multiplatform games.

Homicide3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

This song was created a while before LBP came out, so no MS didn't steal it. Also Sony doesn't own the song.

'Thunder, Lightning, Strike is the debut album by The Go! Team. It was released on British label Memphis Industries in 2004

The Go! Team re-release the album again with Columbia Records, but Columbia Records don't hold the rights for any song!

The Go! Team didn't continue working with Columbia Records and labels for their second album - Proof of Youth are:

Memphis Industries (U.K.)
Sub Pop (U.S.)
Secret City (Canada)'

I can't believe the amount of people making a big fuss over this.

popup3212d ago

It's an advert using Sony and Nintendo ideas at the same time to sell Microsoft product!.

Can't wait for the new "Create it on Xbox, Play it on Xbox, Share it on Xbox*"(TM), All rights reserved, (C) ad's starring James Cameron.

* Share feature may be monitored somewhat.

Poopface the 2nd3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Is this something that were going to try and bash microsoft for. The song wasnt created specifically for LBP.

You people should be mad at the artist for hoaring themselves out to any company who wants to use their little cutsey song. Ohh wait, that would be stupid.

How many times have you heard the GD song "Lux Aeterna" from the movie "Requiem for a Dream"? Ill give you a hint. Its been in trailers, commercials(saw another one using it yesterday on ABC), movies, tv shows and everywhere. And taht song was originally made specifically for the movie, unlike this song which wasnt made for LBP or for microsoft.

If you dont know what Im talking about, type it into youtube. I guarantee you've heard this song used in other media than what the music was originally made for.

You people need to stop looking for faults in Microsoft, or at least attack them for a legitimate reason. PLease listen to the song, I hope it will inspire you all to Grow the F up a little.

dantesparda3212d ago

Come MS that was just stupid. Its to obvious there. But i know that the [email protected] @ss fanboys, with their [email protected] @ss love will deny it.

Peace B!tches!

harrisk9543212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

I started watching the video and my 5-year old son (who was sitting next to me playing R&C:QfB on my PS3) stopped playing and said, "I know that song... it's Little Big Planet!" When he looked over at my computer and saw that it wasn't LBP, he went back to playing R&C!

Willio3212d ago

"Connect for free." Thats why MS is so great at marketing.

FamilyGuy3212d ago

There are a TON of songs in the world to choose from so this was obviously intentional. Not a bad idea either, the song has gained (or re-gained) fame since it being in LBP and LBP commercials so it's recognizable just like Mad World was for Gears. I instantly associated Mad World with Donnie Darko when I first saw those commercials and because of that it increased my feelings towards the new game.

Underhanded, yes, but genius as well.

To the nitwit above claiming "JUst another thing taht happens every day, but when microsoft does it its evil" 1.28

How about you try an name a time when someone did this exact thing before, not vague comparisons. No one complained about Mad World but if sony later used the song to advertise inFamous or something you'd be complaining just like those others you're trying to act better than.

Fvckin hypocrite.

Poopface the 2nd3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Im not a hypocrite. I dont give a crap about what songs a game use.

I wouldn't complain cause im not a whiny little girl. I give the artists who actually create the music the credit. I dont permanently associate an artists music with something just because thats the first place I ever heard the song. I wouldn't do the same in the case of your example because I wouldn't act like gears was the first place the song showed up, or act like the song was made for gears by EPIC. If I heard the song in an add for a different game I wouldnt say "ohh there just copying gears." Id say, "good song. I can see why they choose it."

Both songs "Mad world" and "Lux Aeterna" were created(or redone in the case of mad world) for their respective movies. Both have since appeared in different adds and such for very different products. Only difference this GO! song wasnt intentionally made or remade to be a part of LBP. It just happened to be in LBP.

Why is it ok to take songs made specifically for something, but not ok to take an original song taht just happened to be in a video game.

Associating this song first and foremost with LBP is like someone associating "mad world" first and foremost with gears.

edit-- I suppose you also think its wrong for Gary Jules and Michael Andrews to create the COVER of "mad world" which is the song taht appeared in Donie Darko.

Jecht3212d ago

"connect for Free" but no mention of the inherent costs of Live to do all the things they mentioned in that add. nice avoidance microsoft. sure, it'll attract people, but they will turn their 360's on, try to use a feature, and then the world will hear collective "WTF?!!!", deafening everyone.

FamilyGuy3212d ago

"How about you try an name a time when someone did this exact thing before, not vague comparisons. "

You can't tackle this one task yet you still sit there calling other people "whiny little girl". You can SAY anything you want to SAY but I don't and don't have to believe a word of it.

It was intentional, it fits their commercial PERFECTLY but it was still intentional.

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Godmars2903213d ago

Its not like we're talking about MS doing anything original...

madpuppy3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

originality is not one of Microsoft's strong points.

I'm not a big apple fan but, I just got to link this least for "Halo3 MLG Pro"

el zorro3213d ago

More than just achievements, Sony has copied Microsoft in just about everything related to the online gaming arena. Most of what PSN does now was started back on the Xbox when Xbox Live launched or when the 360 launched. Not to mention the marketplace, achievements, etc.

Using a catchy little tune that doesn't even belong to Sony would be a stretch to call it imitation.

Omegasyde3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

El Zoro, online gaming was on the PC-MAC before Xbox. Also Xbox wasn't the first console to go online either. Dreamcast beat them to it(phantasy star online etc.), and X-Band actually let people play against each other (SNES days).

Granted Achievements were innovative in a sense, but really its just a score tagged to 1 player profile which was already around on Yahoo!games in the 90's. I will give credit achievements(high score tracking), being the first "on a console".

I seem to have this discussed this every other week, however I am not saying Sony are angels either, but you can't give online gaming on consoles credit to Microsoft.

Welcome to gaming, Zorro.

CWMR3213d ago

-By your logic nothing is original. Certainly nothing Sony has done. Just sayin-

Godmars2903213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Arcade high score lists say hi. Same principle just applied to a network.

MS does get points for charging people for it though.

No, nothing is original aside from approach. In that case MS is guilty of not even making an original approach.

IdleLeeSiuLung3213d ago

You guys can bicker about who did what first and who is copying who, while I go enjoy the copied features!

I could care less if it is copied or not, just if it is useful or not!

In fact most innovations aren't useful until a much later iteration of it. Sometimes, the use isn't even what it was originally intended for and done by a third party.

CWMR3213d ago

-If you are going to stretch as far as to say that achievements are basically just arcade high score, then absolutely nothing Sony has done is original. I mean, if that is your standard for originality, everything SOny or Microsoft has done can be vaguely related to something from the past. Get real.-

cyberwaffles3213d ago

"-By your logic nothing is original. Certainly nothing Sony has done. Just sayin- "

cell broadband processor and blu ray isn't original?

Halo3 MLG Pro3213d ago

"Arcade high score lists say hi. Same principle just applied to a network."

LMFAO! Dude are you serious??? Wow!

cyberwaffles3213d ago

microsoft might've been first to integrate achievements for your profile in all games, but they're hardly new or original. there has been plenty of games in the past before the 360 where they had their own in-game achievements and they usually unlocked something else.

in one of the smackdown vs raw games for the ps2, they had a challenge section where you try to accomplish the listed tasks (just like trophies and achievements). there was the amateur challenges, rising star, superstar, and i think legendary challenges (bronze, gold, silver, platinum). some that i can remember was something like you having to beat mankind with the undertaker in a hell in a cell match on legend difficulty or make HBK tap out, etc etc. exact same concept as the achievements and they've been done in other games too.


here's a list actually showing the challenges/achievements for the game:

the list shows the name of the challenge and a description explaining what you need to do to complete it. it even gives you cash for completing them to buy something.

so yeah, achievements aren't original at all. just a nice feature that microsoft were smart enough to integrate into their system.

something i noticed about microsoft is that they've really never been that innovative at all. they just capitalized on previous ideas/technology. they might've improved things like online play with the xbox (first console to use broadband connectivity), but they didn't even come up with the idea for online play. i remember the dreamcast doing that with those nasty 56k modems. no disrespect to microsoft as they have made a lot of great software and stuff, but they never striven for much innovation outside of what already existed. sony on the other hand were pretty daring to go with blu ray and the cell.

Pistolero3213d ago

"cell broadband processor and blu ray isn't original?"

No...those really aren't original...the cell is just a multicore chip and blu-ray is just another digital optical disc based media format like Laserdisc, DVD and the same way that achievements are just arcade high scores...ha ha guys make absolutely no sense. Contradiction and inconsistency...

Halo3 MLG Pro3213d ago

LOL. You are trying to compare one game that has an award system to a complete unified online gamerscore that has achievements for every single game out there?

Big fail dude.

Just as Sony was when they added trophies a year later when they clearly saw how successful achievements was. Home is just Sims. What's so innovative about bluray and the cell? That's just media and a processor. Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox, etc... have that. In fact, I cant think of anything the ps3 has done innovative.

cyberwaffles3213d ago

a multicore chip with it's own asymmetrical architecture first used for commercial use on the ps3. it's still an original engine, never been done before, first seen on the ps3. just because it's an engine with cores it doesn't make it original, but the way it handles processing calculations and rendering techniques through it's pipeline is completely different. why else do you think 3rd party devs had such a hard time making games click on the ps3 compared to the 360?

same exact thing with blu ray. yes, it's a physical media format. i wasn't debating on sony being the innovators behind disc based media as that has been done a long time ago. it's a unique physical format that was first introduced by sony and it's accompanying industries that helped make it. blu ray was non existent until it was introduced by sony.

here's in an analogy. CD to DVD is an innovation in technology. DVD supported higher quality video and audio codecs along with more storage space and even new codecs that weren't possible on CD. DVD+ to DVD- on the other hand wouldn't be considered an innovation, but a variation to a DVD. as well as DVD to a DL DVD would also not be considered an innovation as it's still a DVD with higher storage space.

so blu ray is definitely an innovation to physical media. it even has it's own polymer coating to protect itself from disc scratching and smudges. supports more audio/video codecs than any other physical format, faster transfer rates, and higher storage space.

as for HDDVD, it would've been innovative but sony already had blu ray prototypes as early as 2000 while HDDVD was in 2002. even though they weren't made for commercial use just yet, they had format wars as early as 2002. besides that, HDDVD ultimately failed.

ShabzS3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

and gamer cards are ms's little innovation for the gaming industry ... just like how the original xbox brought in online console gaming to a norm as it is now...

after releases of games like halo and halo 2 they pushed live and online console gaming to what it is today .... a mandatory feature in all games..

arcade scores ?? are you serious ... yeesh .. thats just..... dumb

cyberwaffles3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

i already said that microsoft were the first to apply this awards system to an online system. i guess you didn't read all of my post. and i never said there was anything wrong with a company improving on something that already existed, but it's still not original. online pay was definitely perfected by the xbox, but it wasn't first done on it.

just as with achievements. they weren't first done with the xbox 360. they were first done in games long before the 360 was even thought of. i'm not talking about arcade scores or whatever like everyone else, but the whole concept of winning awards from accomplishing tasks has been done a LONG LONG time ago. that smackdown game that i listed was just one of many games that has done it in the past.

yes microsoft integrated the achievements for the first time in a unified network system, but microsoft took the ideas from pre-existing games and applied it to their system. if you fail to see how un-original this awards system is, then you're looking at this biasedly.

would you think the wii is innovative because of it's motion controls? i certainly don't, as motion controls have been used in the arcades back in the 90's. nintendo might've been first to use them in a console, but again, still ideas taken from pre-existing technology.

blu ray and the cell are not the same though. it might be used the same as a lot of other things out in the market, but it's creation and the way they work are completely different compared to any other technology. you won't find anything to compare the cell to except the cell itself because it's a completely new kind of technology never been seen before. you won't find anything to compared blu ray to except HDDVD but even then blu ray came out before HDDVD.

and i'm not downplaying anything microsoft has done as they have certainly set the standard for online play, but you guys act like they were the origin for achievements.

EDIT: and i don't think anyone saw Home as innovative, just a really cool looking social networking game. as for trophies, obviously taken from achievements, no denying that. but achievements were taken from games in the past...just applied universally to XBL.

cyberwaffles3213d ago didn't create console online game, they just improved it a lot and set the standard. microsoft didn't create game achievements, they just improved it and made it a standard for all their games.

for example, i personally think killzone 2 raised FPS gaming standards really high, but there wasn't much innovation aside from the motion control sniping and first person cover. killzone 2 is still a FPS, just a lot more refined to most FPS's. nothing bad about it, but certainly not an innovative FPS. as a matter of a fact, i don't really see how you can add any innovation to a FPS anymore except for changing gameplay elements.

anyways...i don't see why people are comparing arcade scores to achievements as they are certainly not the same, but the whole notion of "Completing task A to gain Reward <Insert point value>" is not new with microsoft. it's a "been there, done that" deal. the first time i got an achievement message on the 360, i wasn't as shocked about it because i've seen it before. as a matter of a fact, i immediately thought of games in the past that i've played where they had achievements. it was still cool though.

Gun_Senshi3213d ago

PSX Had games with Skill Points, which are like achivements but better