New Fat Princess Strategy Guide

Titan Studios:Fat Princess is fatter, okay… deeper than it appears. In order to provide our loyal fans with a competitive edge, we will be periodically updating this page with strategies and tactics that will help you and your team pwn nub (yes that was the intentional spelling). Most of these were by design, but now we're seeing some great things emerge from live gameplay – some of which we never imagined. Those things will be here, too.

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swishman3239d ago

that'll be good i think a lot of people will learn stuff they didnt know about the game before.

DasBunker3239d ago

its a very fun game but i wish theyd fix the server issues soon, the game has a lot of potential.. but ive barely touched it lately because of it..

cyclindk3239d ago

Feed the princess cake until she doesn't get any fatter = you win!

Fatter the princess, more difficult to carry back to their base.. simple.

Ravage273239d ago

i need to find out when that patch is coming