Dear Sony: Just Announce The PS3 Slim, Already

"Where there's smoke there's fire." This isn't always true, especially in the world of online video game journalism, but at this point, there's a wall of smoke and it has to be coming from somewhere.

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Nitrowolf23265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

just wait till gamecom, if sony doesnt reveal it then,something is up. this person rights about how sony should let something else have the spotlight during gamecom, i kind of agree, but im sure sony will not be on this subject during the show that long. like the psp go they will reveal it then move on. I could see them talking about the slim roughly 10-30 minute, saying its feature, what been reduced, why a slim, and then a price tag for it. I will buy one for sure.

DasBunker3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

id say "Dear Sony:just announce BC comeback already!"

its what i really want.

umair_s513265d ago

Dear Sony: Please announce a Syphon Filter title

InFAMOUS13265d ago

Please stop with the same stupid stories over and over. Can ANYONE get a little bit creative and actually publish an original story.

heroicjanitor3265d ago

People will keep this f*cking thing going until next year until the damn thing actually drops just because people always want to say see we were right.

Just stop making articles about this, this is about a hundred articles in a row and we have had no new info since the first picture was revealed, just people guessing. "Definitely e3, our mole tells us" Then never mention it again if they are wrong, and just pick the next games event.

Mo0eY3265d ago

Dear Sony,

stay classy.

Love Your Main Moo Cow,


Also slip me some PSN cards and GT5. *wink wink*

Omegasyde3265d ago

Dear Sony: Just Announce Cross Game Chat.

erathaol3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Are we writing letters to Sony? I want to join!

Dear Sony, I want a new Snowboard for Christmas, my old one isn't doing it for me anymore. I been extra good this year so I deserve it.

Edit- Omegasyde your right!

Dear Nintendo, can I has the wii fit balance board? :)

Omegasyde3265d ago


Sony doesn't make Snowboards.

ProTip: Ask Nintendo for a Wii fit balance board and take it down a hill. Who knows, you might be able to bust out a 1080.

Microsoft Xbox 3603265d ago

Dear Sony,

Forget the slim model, bring me a laptop style PS3 that's as thin as the Macbook Air. I'd drop a grand for that.

Sarcasm3265d ago

Dear Sony,

Fire the ones who keep on leaking information.

A_Little_Girl3265d ago

they wont announced it at gamecon, sony have to wait till all ps3 righ now are almost out of stock.

Syronicus3265d ago

Just keep doing what you are doing and ignore the idiots that shove their hands out into your face and keep asking for more. Ignore the babies and just keep the games coming as you have done so in the past.


Real Gambler3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Well, there's been smoke for 1.5 years already and no fire. It's very simple: Forget the smoke, and wait simply wait until the fire is out. 52 weeks in a year, 52 articles about the PS3 slim coming out. Easy isn't it?

Boody-Bandit3265d ago

What he said.
And if you're not too busy can you add private chat as well?

A_Little_Girl3265d ago

do you wanna chat or play games?

Boody-Bandit3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

I only use private chat with friends while in the same game.

I prefer private chat in game with a friend to using an open mic for too many reasons to even list. I am more into big team multiplayer games then small or head to head games. Head to head games PSN chat is flawless, at least that's been my experience. I find I usually do better when I have a friend that will get my back online then trying to get random strangers to work as a team. Since most of my friends share the same interest in game preference.

So yes I would like a private chat option but I will settle for just better in game chat across the board for PSN. What's wrong with wanting more options and features to enhance the online gaming experience?

I know I'm not the only person that prefers chatting with friends vs open mics. That way you don't have to hear the racist, comedians, whinners, singers, wannabe's, hearing the noise and feedback issues from people broken or cheap mics, kids that think cursing none stop is funny or cool, people that blast music in the background, my country is better than yours crap, or just plain attention seeking idiots.

TrueStoryGuy3265d ago

but all these "rumors", or these "theories" that Sony has August 18th as the biggest thing since J-V Day is atrocious. And what's even worse, is this site is going to be flooded with "Sony fails again this year" topics on August 19th because Sony "lied to us again!" even though its the fans that started the hype to begin with.

GameForFame3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Please just announce the PS3 slim so people will stop buying up the remainder of the original PS3 supply, seeing as this is the reason you're not actually announcing it yet and in fact waiting for the most opportune time even though we all know it's coming. And please, Sony, understand that I (original author of this silly article on N4G) don't seem to understand this. Yes, we all know it's coming, but for some reason we think you should announce it just to confirm it - even though we don't need confirmation because we all know it's coming. Just do it, this way people will stop buying the PS3 at this point until the new one comes out. Please. Why this makes sense, I don't know. Thought it would look good on N4G.


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LordMarius3265d ago

I rather have them unveil it at a conference it just seems more energetic as people see it for the "first time"
They better announce it the 18 and stop dragging it
its getting REAL old

jwatt3265d ago

I think im the only one that thinks there is no ps3 slim coming, at least not for this year.

Nitrowolf23265d ago

i have my doudbt to, if its not comfirmed during gamecom im going to repair my ps3 then

DasBunker3265d ago

deep inside me i think itll be announced till next years E3.. but i hope im wrong. a TGS GT5 release date and PS3 slim (with price cut) would be da bomb

-EvoAnubis-3264d ago

The Slim will be out later this year.

Ninver3265d ago

off topic


Look! i don't want to sound like a brat but i honestly have to speak my mind. Yesterday i went out and bought an xbox360 Arcade (gonna buy a used 20gig HHD from ebay for $22 lol. Talk about a smart consumer) on sale from Harvey Norman for $200 here in Australia (F#cking Bargain) and received Halo3 for free.

Then i went to EBGAMES to buy (platinum) Gears of War. Now i was excited to play the games cause the xbox360 community praises them all the time. I first fired up Gears of War then after a couple of hours after playing i switched the game and played several hours of Halo3.

I must say that i have never been so dissapointed in my gaming life. Halo3 is the most overrated game in the history of videogames. Very generic gameplay with guns that sound like Mcdonalds happy meal giveaway toys and the graphics are beyond retarted that it made it very hard to get into the game. Not to mention the story was every where with no substance.

Next is Gears of War. I'll tell you now that this game does not deserve a score any higher than 8/10. The gameplay was fair but once again the lack of story or character relation is that of a 12 year olds attention span. The physics are non existent and the graphics are truly ugly to the point i felt like i was still playing a ps2.5 game.

In conclusion i must say that xbox360 gamers have extremely low standards when it comes to videogames. After experiencing first party ps3 and 360 games it is very hard for me to justify the purchase of my 360. It leads me to believe that the reason so many 360 gamers always flock to sales is because they are scared and trying to find a means to justify their purchase.

Sorry for the rant but i am extremely disappointed with the 360 and i believe right now the only thing going for it is xbolive. When it comes to AAA blockbuster gaming with theater like production values, the ps3 has and will remain king for the rest of this generation.

LordMarius3265d ago

maybe you should return it

Also make a blog or a forum post for this, not everyone will see it here

Mo0eY3265d ago

Agreed, man. I played Gears of War 2 at my friend's house because that's all he talks about (he mainly talks about glitches in games), and I was like, "This didn't get any better than the first one..." His mouth dropped, and he sorta went silent and popped in a movie afterwards, lol.

I've also played Halo 3. I picked up the sniper rifle, and I went to town on people's faces. That's when they started b!tching because I, the noob, owned them. It's too generic, too campy, too overrated, and just overall bland. The only thing I like about that game is the vehicles (which rips off Tribes 1/2) because they are floaty, and you can fvck around in them

It definitely shouldn't be praised as highly as it is, and it is nowhere near one of the best games ever.

I love it when these kiddies jump in talking about legendary developers (look up Westwood Studios, kiddies) and they start spitting out names such as Valve, id (not what it use to be), and then pops Bungie. It just makes me want to reach through my internet tubes and punch the silly 11 year old in the face.

CWMR3265d ago

-Nobody cares what a known PS3 fanboy has to say about the 360. You've already copy and pasted the exact same crap in other articles and it's lame.-

rebirthofcaos3265d ago

yes just announce it so we can say good bye xbox

poopsack3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )


Omegasyde3265d ago

Why would Gamers want to see Xbox go away?

I hate charging for Online services, but if Xbox went away, PS3 would never have cross game chat and Home would be immediately scrapped.

Competition is good.

poopsack3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

finally someone gets it. Competition would be so much nicer without the die hards.

Boody-Bandit3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

I agree but gamers always got it but the ignorant never will.
No matter how hard you try to spell it out for them they will always want the company they don't like to fail.

Nikuma3265d ago

Competition is great, it keeps the quality games coming. I would like to see the 360 fanboys get off their high horse because they have teh omgz l33t salez numbarz. So I wouldn't mind Sony knocking MS down a notch. :P

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