Digital Distribution: Are We Really Ready For It?

Bitmob writes:"You plop down on your couch, weary from a day of work, ready to play some games to unwind. You turn on your Xbox 360, waving your hands through the air to scroll through your video game collection. You settle on Fable 3, tapping forward in the air to start up the game. After a few hours, you get bored and decide to buy a new game. Pulling up the Games on Demand menu, you again scroll through, settling on Mass Effect 3. After thinking it through, you make the leap, buy the game, and let it download as you go about thinking what's for dinner.

While the above scenario is a little too soon, the idea of digital distribution is not. It seems to be the hot topic on every gamers lips; Are you ready to give up your library of boxed games for hard drives filled with your virtual libraries? I try to think of both sides of the question, and sometimes the answers I settle on are scary."

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