To Die Or Not To Die, That Is The Question

ZoKnowsGaming writes "In this article we ponder whether or not a game is better or worse if you can't die such as in the most recent Prince Of Persia. While I am sure that purists will not be easily converted or converted at all, the average gamer could enjoy this style if they only gave it a chance we think, but we want to hear from all of you, "To Die or Not To Die?"

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Monteblanco3148d ago

It seems the author fails to recognize Prince of Persia has a smart checkpoint system that actually keeps the game fluid by avoiding death and loading screens.

thatruth20063147d ago

The author's position was that they thought that the game was great and that a game could be good whether or not you could die. They were really giving their position, and then asking others what they thought as they mention that gamers hadn't pushed back against any other type of health system as much as they seem to push back on this one.

DasBunker3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

todays games are too easy,you die and you respawn right where you died.. back in my days you had only 3 lives to survive the whole game and sometimes if you where lucky youd get a password..

NaiNaiNai3148d ago

Guess what So was I, heres another thing, I don't miss those days.

DasBunker3148d ago

you will.. when you grow up.

kraze073147d ago

I'm with Nai on this one.

Ninver3148d ago

off topic


Look! i don't want to sound like a brat but i honestly have to speak my mind. Yesterday i went out and bought an xbox360 Arcade (gonna buy a used 20gig HHD from ebay for $22 lol. Talk about a smart consumer) on sale from Harvey Norman for $200 here in Australia (F#cking Bargain) and received Halo3 for free.

Then i went to EBGAMES to buy (platinum) Gears of War. Now i was excited to play the games cause the xbox360 community praises them all the time. I first fired up Gears of War then after a couple of hours after playing i switched the game and played several hours of Halo3.

I must say that i have never been so dissapointed in my gaming life. Halo3 is the most overrated game in the history of videogames. Very generic gameplay with guns that sound like Mcdonalds happy meal giveaway toys and the graphics are beyond retarted that it made it very hard to get into the game. Not to mention the story was every where with no substance.

Next is Gears of War. I'll tell you now that this game does not deserve a score any higher than 8/10. The gameplay was fair but once again the lack of story or character relation is that of a 12 year olds attention span. The physics are non existent and the graphics are truly ugly to the point i felt like i was still playing a ps2.5 game.

In conclusion i must say that xbox360 gamers have extremely low standards when it comes to videogames. After experiencing first party ps3 and 360 games it is very hard for me to justify the purchase of my 360. It leads me to believe that the reason so many 360 gamers always flock to sales is because they are scared and trying to find a means to justify their purchase.

Sorry for the rant but i am extremely disappointed with the 360 and i believe right now the only thing going for it is xbolive. When it comes to AAA blockbuster gaming with theater like production values, the ps3 has and will remain king for the rest of this generation.

DasBunker3148d ago

i agree (altough i cant comment on gears since i havent played it, but by looking at it i wouldnt doubt what youre saying)..the bots sales arguments is a pretty lame one IMO..i just hope youre not copying and pasting this blog everywhere

PirateThom3148d ago

Check out Mass Effect, Fable II and Crackdown, graphically they're not better than Gears (Mass Effect is up there though), but they're better games than Halo or Gears.

Ninver3148d ago

Thanks Thom i will definitely try those games out. I think it's best to just rent the games before wasting money on them.