Modern Warfare 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance Breaking Pre-Order Records

Kotaku writes.... Activision have been around for a long, long time. Longer than pre-orders have. So when Activision come out and say that Modern Warfare 2 has more of them than any other game in company history, that's a lot.

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Steve0072939d ago

No wonder they're breaking Records.

Stryfeno22939d ago

*Wonders which console version have the most pre-order copies*

*Takes a look at Activision Q2 Results*

*Wonders no more*

-Mezzo-2939d ago

as 10 years old have bought it all and are too excited about playing it on XBL after paying 70 bucks more.

vShinobi2939d ago

expected for MW2 but Ultimate Alliance 2? seriously? IMO the game has gotten more and more focused on kids so i think I'll pass on this one.

KILLA J2939d ago

*Wonders wich console will breakdown after playing many hours of MW2*

*takes a look at the many surveys done before for reliability*

*Wonders no more*

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