Unorthodox Looking Computers, Hint:Wood

"We all have an image of what computers should look like, usually one expects the materials plastic and metal to be the main mantelpiece of a computer case, however there are some that aren't, say hi to these awesomely ambitious wooden computers."

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bmatthews3180d ago

awesome looking computer cases, if u don't make one can be sure as hell those are some expensive cases to buy

OperationFlashpoint23180d ago

I like them..Where can I buy one? obviously sold by niche PC companies, that are very unreachable.

bmatthews3180d ago

I respect your opinion but what is ugly about them? they look nice to me. I guess they are different, but not ugly.

Saaking3180d ago

Awesome, it's like the technological side of the world mixed with the natural side. Must be expensive though.

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