Ken Kutaragi first interview with Nihon Keizai Shimbun business daily after "retirement"

He states that,

"I see a new business in which servers and networks allow many people to jointly perform large calculations and enjoy content together,".

"Since I led on networking with the PS3, I think it is my responsibility to push further in that direction."

Ken's ultimate goal is to create a digital world in which these available data from the computing project will be available for use in game, one possibility that he hinted was to be able to play a driving game on a "real street" from the digital computing data that the PS3 users have gathered.

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Violater4242d ago

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XxZxX4242d ago

no u're just too weak to hold a PS3. Quit typing comments and pump some iron dude.

consolewar4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Z you are a Jerk, yeah I know your type.
First, this guy is an Asian guy, now consider his position, now consider the weight of the Ps3, now consider he's a freaking geek, now the way he holds the ps3. ta da. IT'S EMPTY
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XxZxX4242d ago

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The Real Joker4242d ago

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DrWan4242d ago

The idea of using all the data that we've crunched back on our games is very nice idea. i think

ITR4242d ago

I don't like all this monitoring crap.

Next thing we hear Sony can watch you play via your Sony Eye.

Reminds me too much of the book 1984.

DrWan4242d ago

what monitor crap? no one is monitoring u; just if u choose to participate in these projects. When you play on Xbox, they are collecting serve stats, does that count as monitor? dumb comment.

calderra4242d ago

Millions of units given to non-technical consumers, all designed with the intent of transmitting and processing massive amounts of data then spewing this out toward some goal... hey, there's no way THAT can go wrong...

[Zombie / hacked clusters of computers generate most of the spam on the internet, for example.]

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