Gaming Union: Mega Man Star Force 3 Review

Gaming Union writes: "Continuing the long running Mega Man series, Capcom has brought their latest action role-playing entry in the franchise to North America on the Nintendo DS, Mega Man Star Force 3. Once again players suit up as lead Geo Stelar with partner Omega-Xis in tow, together transforming into Mega Man to defend the world from new evils and protect their close friends when they find themselves sandwiched in the middle."

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ShawnCollier3216d ago

I liked the Battle Network series, seems like this sounds just as good.

Kyll3216d ago

Yeah, this is like, the successor series to Battle Network, just 200 years in the future or something crazy.

mephman3216d ago

Haha, whatever works for them, I guess. There have been so many Mega Man games it's hard to keep count.