OXCGN Reviews Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood


"Is it a blast in the Wild Wild West, or just a so-so snooze fest?

In a shooter game-scape dominated by modern warfare commandos, zombies and space marines it's refreshing to return to the Wild West.

The Western has made a few forays into video games but this gen seemed largely absent.

With Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption delayed and the steampunk Western Damnation a failure, Ubisoft's second Call of Juarez (subtitled Bound In Blood) has the cowboy field to itself. But is this one "yee haw", or just a great big "neighhhh"."

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gaminoz3092d ago

I love a good Western. Until I play Red Dead Revolver next year, this would have to be my favourite.

XboxOZ3603092d ago

This is one game I just HAVE to play . .love the Wild Wild West, and this looks and sounds like a treat to play . . bring on Red Dead: Redemption . .

RadientFlux3092d ago

Just finished the game, and it's definitly one of my favorite FPS this year (so far). It makes me want to go back and play the first Call of Juarez so I can continue the storyline.

Superfragilistic3092d ago

Yeah I'm surprised that so many cite the story as such a strong point. Awesome filler before Rockstar blows everybody away with Red Dead Redemption - looks incredible!

darkmurder3092d ago

Fun game but to be honest I think Red Dead Revolver will be the next western I buy.