OXCGN's Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Review


"The Three Headed Monkey is Reborn.

"Avast Ye Matey!" For The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition has made its maiden voyage onto the Xbox 360 console.

Prepare to swashbuckle, manipulate and insult your way through Guybrush Threepwood's very first pirate adventure, brought back to life as a high definition remake! This game is a treasure worth the wait."

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gaminoz3092d ago

If you are a serious gamer you really have to play this game. It's gaming history imo, the same way Wolfenstein 3D is.

I know 'point and click' games are no longer the rage, but this game represented so much that was good about gaming in the past, and a remake is fantastic.

Superfragilistic3092d ago

Awesome re-release.

Now if only they'd get Tim Schafer's catalogue up there at 800MPs a piece and I'd be one happy point and clicker.

Oh and The Dig needs to be on XBLA! ;)

XboxOZ3603092d ago

and for just 800 points, it's a steal . .

Godem3092d ago

Awesome review of a fantastic game! Hopefully some other devs will start remaking some otherpoint and click classics.

darkmurder3091d ago

Loved the classic, love the new graphics, awesome game!