PSP Camera Dated For Europe, Australia

The PSP camera, which has been out in Japan since last year (but still has no US release date or price, strangely), will be hitting Europe and Australia soon. Real soon. Like, two weeks time. Called the Go!Cam, it will be on shelves on May 16, and will cost €49.99 (£34.99, Australian price coming).

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Inasid4246d ago

I wonder why this hasn't came to the US yet??

MetalProxy4246d ago

I want this now and it looks like everyone other then the US will get this soon. Now I have to figure out how to order the thing. I would rather go to the store to purchase. Arrrrgg

ITR4246d ago

I just did a euro conversion and it comes out to $67 bucks.

I'm surprised it costs that much.