EA's Sell-in vs. Sell-thru 'Concerning,' says Analyst

According to EA's fiscal announcement for the first quarter, the publisher sold 3.7 million units of The Sims 3 and 1.8 million of EA Sports Active for Wii. But according to Signal Hill analyst Todd Greenwald, these figures are sell-in numbers (meaning sold into retail) and the gap between the sell-in numbers and the sales reported by tracking firms like NPD is "concerning."

"While EA's Q1 sales of Sims 3 and many of its Wii titles were certainly impressive, we are concerned by the discrepancies between the sell-in numbers and the NPD sell-through numbers (which only capture US). For example, Sims 3 sell-through was about 820k units in June, vs. 3.7M units of sell-in. While Europe may have added 1M units, that still leaves a big gap. Similarly, EA Sports Active sold through 635k units in May and June, vs EA's sell-in of 1.8M units," he stated.

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loslonelyman3238d ago

After the CRAPPY 20th anniversary Madden 09, WHAT DID THEY EXPECT a 10% increase!!! I have bought every Madden EVER made new. When i say there is ZERO chance of me buying Madden 2010, THATS A BIG PROBLEM for EA. NHL 10 and The Show 2010 are the ONLY sports games worth buying in the next calendar year IMHO. i bought the Rockband one SPECIAL EDITION SET, and now they expect me to KEEP BUYING peripherals to support a freaking game! Cymbals that won't work on my year old set! EA really needs to revamp their thinking AND quality control or this will not be the last BAD FINANCIAL story on N4G. Peace