Top 10 Character Breakthoughs in Gaming

Koku Gamer writes: "In gaming some characters seem like utter wusses or irrelevant additions to the plot, only to surprise you in astounding ways. Even main characters and villains can fall into this category; you don't know quite how tough they are until you have seen it for yourself. Some of the most memorable moments in gaming comes from this breakthrough in a characters development, be they fighting for love, honour or just to kill the damn bastard they are battling. Of course to witness these moments you will have need to played through the games ahead so be aware SPOILER MOMENTS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS AHEAD! So I present to you our 'Top Ten Character Breakthroughs in Gaming,' enjoy."

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Fullish3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Heh, is B*****rd really censor worthy?

TheDarkCynic3152d ago

I def agree on Zac and Clouds respective moments. Both absolute breakthroughs.

meepmoopmeep3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

good list but i'd add

Ico & Yorda

Shadow of the Colossus
- Agro

it's hard to add the Lost Odyssey "dreams" since it's just text
but they were very very damn good

iamtehpwn3152d ago

Was One the most transformative things in video games I've ever seen. I remember it was a last night, 2am, and I was at the conclusion playing it.

One of the deepest things about Zack's death was them making you play through it, as you felt his body decrease in speed and really felt him dying as you played as him.

Skivvo3152d ago

I loved the list. Like all lists though, they affect each person differently so I wouldve placed some in different places but that's personal choice, totally agree with MGS4... That microwave chamber is liquid nails tuff....

Ziriux3152d ago

That MGS microwave is too epic.

WengYong3152d ago

Never have I wanted someone to survive more than this moment. The fact that he came through in the end I thought was amazing. For me that single act propelled Snake to the top of the list

cmrbe3152d ago

i tapped the button so hard that my index finger hurt for hours after that.

meepmoopmeep3152d ago

it was.

very cinematic and emotional
my hands were sweating like crazy as i mashed the button

Rocket Sauce3152d ago

I actually thought that part was funny. I like how microwaves can make body armor explode, but they don't do anything to human skin.

solar3152d ago

that was pretty epic. but a "breakthough"? no way. i expect Snake to do that. he's a soldier. a warrior. so this list is fail imo..

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Ziriux3152d ago

Yea, that's not a bad word really.

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