Game Podunk: 25 Things About Me - Igor

Rrquinta Writes: Continuing our series of "25 Things About Me" for video game characters - Here's from Atlus's award-winning Persona series, Igor's "25 Things About Me":

1. 8 inches. This is the length of my nose.

2. In the past, I used a bone phone for all my personae summoning. However, my first assistant, Elizabeth (and her successor, Margaret), replaced that. I consider them an improvement, don't you?

3. If you don't currently have an attractive personal assistant, I highly recommend it. They do most of your work, and you can sit back and enjoy yourself.

4. Do not ask about Philemon; he's mysterious for a reason (and my boss).

5. My favorite creatures are humans and butterflies. Humans for all the mysteries they hold, and butterflies for what they symbolize...

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skygear753216d ago

Some of these are really funny :p.