Cloud Gaming Coming This Generation?

Today Nick McCandless from talks about cloud gaming and the future of the gaming industry. Is cloud gaming set to hit our current consoles, or are they being developed as we speak for the next generation?

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dizlaoboi9163269d ago

makes you think about cloud gaming for reals

Sev3269d ago

Hey, I made that PS Cloud image in photoshop.

xhi43269d ago

wer'e approving 12 year old kids with braces in their bedrooms now?

what the hell.

DelbertGrady3269d ago

He's the "reliable source" behind the PS3 Slim & pricecut rumor ;)

Kind of funny/sad though, he sits in his parents bedroom and talks like he's an industry insider or something. Wish him all the best though, but his opinion is less credible than that of Hiphopgamer.

I_am_rushin3269d ago

People! People! People! People! People! People! People! People! People! People!

Stop approving this crap.

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Biggunz3269d ago

This knob again....How is this knob going to speculate about Cloud when he doesn't even know what the hell it is? B.S. like this needs to stay on youtube or whatever site he claims to be from IMO.

LiL T3269d ago

For the first time he wasn't the first one to comment on his sh!tty video.

Nitrowolf23269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

i don't want to watch this guy. im kinda of sick of these videos (not just him also HHG, and all those other people who have a camera and decides to film themselves).bye-bye

socomnick3269d ago

why do people approve these stories :/

thegameracess = some kid with a webcam, hes not a journalist he has no insiders, or news. just editorials.

The_Perverted_Ninja3269d ago

I agree but what can we do about it really... if a kid wants something approved he just makes a bunch of names and approves himself. All of these stories seem to have the same type of title too. It's always some rumor with a question mark at the end of it like "PS3 slim coming in November?" IMO just ignore this crap because these things will never go away as long as people click the link.

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The story is too old to be commented.