Kingdom Hearts Coded: Episode 3 Live in Japan

Kingdom Hearts Union writes "Kingdom Hearts: Coded, the Japanese mobile phone game has had its third chapter released today in Japan.

Kingdom Hearts: Coded is a departure from the main franchise, and is a spin-off from the main series. It is set after the events of Kingdom Hearts II. The first chapter was originally made available on Japanese phones on the 18th of November, 2008."

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mephman3271d ago

It'll be interesting to see how it develops on the story.

Selyah3271d ago

Yeah the shrouded figure does seem a bit ominous, I doubt they'll touch on anything ground breaking story wise though.

Kyll3271d ago

Sweet, now I can go and not buy it

mephman3271d ago

You mean you don't have a Japanese phone handy? :o

Selyah3271d ago

I imagine only the really hardcore would

Abash3271d ago

Why don't they just port it to the PSP for NA?