White Knight Chronicles EX Edition annouced for October

An ad for White Knight Chronicles EX Edition has been circulating through Japanese blogs. This version of the Level 5 developed RPG includes patches, presumably the 2nd Wave patch which adds Georama, new equipment, and uncaps the Guild Rank. Sony plans to sell White Knight Chronicles EX Edition at a discount for 3,800 yen ($40).

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Xistan3184d ago

talk about slow localization...

Dragun6193184d ago

I don't think its the localization that's holding the release date back. I think there trying to implement voice chat as it was requested by many people.

GameGambits3184d ago

2009 would've been a great year for a JRPG considering there is only Magna Carta 2 and Demon's Souls for this year for next gen consoles. Demon's I've played and beaten and hopefully MG2 will not suck but who knows.

Seriously if the reason it's being held back so much is voice chat I would've much rather had it without voice chat and use my keyboard for the online like most MMO type games. Plus they could've added that later if they wanted or not at all---only big RPG guys are going to buy it anyway and we really don't need voice chat as it is. I think the main people who asked for voice chat in the west for this... are the guys who won't ever play it anyway.

Now that it'll be out in 2010 around the rest of the big dogs this game won't matter nearly as much as it could've this year. Coming out the same year as FF13 and FF14 for RPG competition + things like God of War 3, Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian, Splinter Cell, Mass Effect 2, etc etc etc etc etc and etc again. This game is now destined to fail in the big way it could've. You lose.

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theusedfake3185d ago

So, Japan gets two versions of this before
anyone else gets one?
yeah, that seems pretty fair...

I'm thinking I should've ordered it online
if they were selling them for 600 yen though.

RememberThe3573184d ago

They get an other version and we're left with squat. Thanks...

crazy250003185d ago

im getting this as soon as it comes here

Gambit073184d ago

"Osaka based game retailer had a fire sale on used copies shilling them for 600 yen ($6.30) a piece."


crazy250003184d ago

id buy that in a heart beat!

Uzesgelen_Goo3184d ago

i bought my xbox360 games usually $6.
(and thats new not a used game).
on topic cool english version is going to be definitly bug free and included extra stuffs then! (^^)

FamilyGuy3184d ago

That makes the game sound like it's so terrible they couldn't get rid of the copies. The only score i've ever seen for it was a 7/10 so i really hope it doesnt disappoint. What i've seen so far looks great but I can't ignore signs like this.

Vagrant_13184d ago

I am actually tired hearing about new stuff for WKC in japan when we haven't even received the game yet

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