Qore Episode 15 – Featuring MAG, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Tekken 6 and Katamari Forever

PS Blog: One of the most highly anticipated PS3 titles shown at this year's E3 was Zipper Interactive's MAG. Since you've been asking us so much about it, we decided to send Veronica Belmont to Seattle to get the 411 on this ambitious shooter. After seeing the game in action, we're certain you'll be just as impressed with its scope as we are. But the US isn't the only place to find great games, of course-Veronica and Audrey Cleo visited Japan this month to see what other games are coming our way.

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xztence3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

I like how she said, "so wether you prefer ULTIMATE WARFARE DESTRUCTION or rolling cute things into a giant ball" :P

damn I wish Core was free =/.

Cwalat3210d ago

Why don't they make this available for the EU PS store?

It's not like it's gonna hurt them to expand their availability...

doctorstrange3210d ago

which should be like quore,
maybe it'll be announced at GamesCon

jack_burt0n3210d ago

i just watch it on youtube

Solbadguy3210d ago

3 of those games on pre-order; Katamari, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and Tekken 6. I'll be enjoying this episode of Qore.