Xbox 360 Games on Demand Pricing Clarified

Despite earlier reports putting the price point of Games on Demand titles exclusively at 1600 Microsoft Points ($20), it is not entirely accurate. A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed to EndSights that the titles will range in price–from 1600 Microsoft Points to 2400 Microsoft Points ($30).

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maawdawg3120d ago

good find, definitely more info than the first story of the flat $20 pricing.

Blaze9293120d ago

well this just became instantly lame -_-. At $30, they can kiss my ass

Philip J Fry3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

If you are downloading a game why does it have to cost the same as if you bought it in the store? Does the price of a game not include the cost of the the disc, the case, the booklet, shipping, etc? If there is none of this, why does it still cost the same?

NegativeCreepWA3120d ago

If platinum hits sell for $20.00, that's $10.00 cheaper than buying one in a store.

IdleLeeSiuLung3120d ago

Digital means MS have to provide infrastructure for you to download the game repeatedly. That is an ongoing cost to maintain servers and bandwidth.

ambientFLIER3120d ago

Fry, I was about to post the exact same thing.

By the way, I've got your clover.

Philip J Fry3120d ago

That's my lucky clover!! Yancy stole it!

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Blaze9293120d ago

I'm going to guess the platinum hits that were good games to begin with. Mass Effect probably will be $30 etc etc while older and less substantial games like Lego Star Wars or Kameo or Call of Duty 2 will be $20.

Myst3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Would that include Perfect Dark Zero? Even though that can be gotten for about $8.00 Used.

I Ask, because I see it up there as a platinum hits as well as Mass Effect which runs about (20.00 New and 14.00 used if I recall?)

dannyhinote_133120d ago

$20 appears to be the baseline, Nuri.

Bnet3433120d ago

Mass Effect won't be $30. A game like Gears of War 1 can be $30.

Myst3120d ago

Ah, okay thanks Danny

meepmoopmeep3120d ago

mass effect has been $30 in canada since January

i got it for $20 on Boxing Day

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TheMART3120d ago

20 to 30 bucks, always better then 60 bucks...

Sunny_D3120d ago

Well, who would pay 60 bucks for old games in the first place? You could probably buy these games for less than 10 dollars. Much better than 20 or 30 dollars. ;0

NaiNaiNai3120d ago

You might want to add used in there. since you won't find them new at a store for less then 20$ unless theres a sell. >.> which MS has sells all the time on the market. I got REZ HD because of it half price.

JokesOnYou3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Yeah it may be a bit more convenient but if they are not going to be cheaper than in store or a bargain price what the hell good is it. Now if they get new games on demand day and date with the retail version thats a different story.


edit vvvvv, I see what your saying winlonghorn, but if they want to make the service attractive they need to offer games that at least match the price of in store games that have been on the market for awhile, yeah I know if you look hard enough you can find bargain bin prices on good games, I'm not suggesting they compete with every sale, NO just sell older games at a discount that you can find everyday in Walmart. They also save some money cutting out the "middle man" with DD, so there is plenty of room to make a profit....especially since older games tend to have already earned a profit based on the first year gross sales recovering much of its dev and distribution costs.

meepmoopmeep3120d ago

yeah, for DD it should be lower

if i can find a hard copy for the same price i'd go with the hard copy
it's not like i can fit much on my 52GB drive

winlonghorn3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

First of all, if Digital Downloads ever become the only method to acquire a game, why would they drop the price? The idea is to make a profit just like they would on any other product (physical or not). They are a company like any other and the main goal of a company is to make money! lol. How else can they pay their operating expenses? If anyone expects these games to be like $2 a piece, that is an absolute absurd expectation! It takes cash to develop these games and they have to pay it back somehow. It is as simple as this: "If you like it buy it, if you don't then don't buy it! The world will continue moving on whether or not a person buys a product!" ;)

EDIT: I am not saying this because I have tons of cash laying around. Rather, I understand what it takes to run a business. I ran one for almost two years. :)

heroicjanitor3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

"The idea is to make a profit just like they would on any other product (physical or not). They are a company like any other and the main goal of a company is to make money! lol. How else can they pay their operating expenses?"

You fail to realise that these games have already been out there and made their profit, and microsoft are well able to pay their operating expenses. They should at least cost less than retail since the case/manual/disc/whatever else doesn't have to be paid for, and nobody was saying $2 apiece don't be ridiculous. $10 dollars less than retail would suffice.

Captain Tuttle3120d ago

It sounds like you ran a charity, not a business. These companies have to earn my money by giving me a product that I want at a reasonable price. A more profitable product for them might not be advantageous for me. I don't have to buy it simply because it's there and I certainly don't have to buy it because the company needs to make money. I buy a product because of it's value to me. A downloadable game is less valuable to me than a hard copy, therefore I won't pay the same price for one.

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