The Xbox 360 Dashboard Update: Why Do We Wait?

Every year, Microsoft releases an Xbox 360 dashboard update that leave gamers frothing at the mouth. These updates are not one big annual update; sometimes, Microsoft has Spring and Fall updates too. Changes to the layout, marketplace, and technical updates provides many things that gamers crave. The updates have become such the norm that every year, and with much anticipation, the consumer expects a massive change to what they've grown accustomed to whether they want it or not. Are such dashboard updates worth losing sleep over? Why do people create a huge hype over them?

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bgrundman3145d ago

If nothing else, it seems that the downloadable game marketplace could change alot!

JimmyJames703145d ago

Yeah, downloadable games does sound compelling, but like the article states, it's kinda pointless if you don't have a large enough hard drive to store all the games. Otherwise, you have to DL, then delete later for new games, and then if you want to play the game again, you have to DL again; if that's even a feature...?

It's definitely heading in the right direction, but it's still not there yet.

roblef3145d ago

I wouldn't mind if I was able to download them from the cloud on an as-needed basis. Sadly, games like Rockband don't let us do this even now, and will charge you twice if you have to download a second time. I like the PSN style - purchase once, download when needed.

Bnet3433145d ago

One huge update is less of a headache then random firmware updates.

AAACE53145d ago

I think the downloadable game thing is a way to get people to want to upgrade their hard drive.

I got tired of worrying about space so I found a 120 Gb and bought it for $50! Then I sold my 20 Gb for $25. So technically, I got a 120 Gb for $25... what a deal!

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bgrundman3145d ago

At least these updates are as large or as time consuming as PS3 firmware updates!

roblef3145d ago

Yeah, but at least the wifi isnt' crippled on my 360. PSN on wireless takes FOREVER!

-Mezzo-3145d ago

Have you even used a PS3 for once.

wondroushippo3145d ago

At least the PS3 gets updates. I like getting periodic updates throughout the year, rather than the 360's one big update a year.

GUNS N SWORDS3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

i would like to say that the updates are not all suppose to be major improvements, and that showing anticipation for updates can actually still be a good thing regardless of what negative comments people say on it. (at least it shows ms that people still want to see change)

it's true that having now the ability to download whole xbox 360 games has both it's ups and downs, it's an interesting concept.

companies like "steam" rake tons of money by doing this same thing, so it's not all that out of the norm.

i guess what most console gamers are accustom to is owning the game "physically". (frankly speaking I'm actually like that too :)

the way i see it, ms just wanted to adopt this way of owning a game to further please their online clientele (which IMO is actually a good thing cause it adds more to the online experience.)

my two cents :)

no_more_trolling3145d ago

who doesnt like new added functionality once in a while?

JimmyJames703145d ago

I know I like updates, but it's not like I lose sleep over them.

RockmanII73145d ago

I've never heard of someone losing sleep over an update.

air13145d ago

what is considered huge hype this gen?

i really dont see much news about updates to the 360 dashboard, sure as hell not every day like you see blogs about a ps3 price drop..

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