The Best Holiday Lineup Is Now Average

How many times have we heard it in the past month, "we are delaying our game due to crowded holiday release?" Too many times to count I know. In less than a month and a few developer press conference announcements later, we went from having possibly the best holiday season in history to a less than average one. That is unless you're a PS3 owner and are looking forward to Ratchet, Uncharted, and possibly Gran Turismo.

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IrishRepublicanArmy3209d ago

i still will be playn AAA titles.

ExgamerLegends23209d ago

the slim comes out this holiday. Cuz i need to hurry up and get a new ps3. Or I'll miss uncharted and all the other cool games.

Myst3209d ago

Wait wait! What about Demon's Souls - October 6th!
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - September 29th!
Dragon Age Origins - October 20th!

Though I don't plan to purchase most of the games coming out, just Dissidia and Demon's Souls will do it for me, gain some money for next year's releases.

cyclindk3209d ago

I think the most insane holiday lineup is now sane, though Spring is looking rather insane now...

labaronx3209d ago

brutal legends
alpha protocol
split second
NFS: Shift

all these look like noteworthy games

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