EA in no hurry to offer full game downloads via consoles

TVGB: "With Microsoft's Games on Demand service launching with the NXE update next Tuesday, full console game downloads will become a reality for the Xbox 360. And while the service will offer slightly older games and not new releases, it feels like we're just a step away from downloading full games on the day of their retail releases. But, it's a step the industry isn't going to take quite yet."

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omegaheat3086d ago

EA is in no hurry because they would love to continue to sell Madden for $59.99 from year to year. The Madden franchise makes a whopping profit every year. They always hold back something each year that could be in every game just to include it in future installments to warrant the price of a full retail title. Let's be honest with ourselves, Madden really only updates the rosters from year to year. This could be done as a game update. As a matter of fact, the entire game could be a digital update no matter how much they claim it to be a new title. It still uses the same engine. Rockstar releases the Lost and the Damned as DLC. It's pratically a whole different game in itself compared to Madden which only updates rosters and stats. Which DLC do you think would prove to be the most difficult? It's a no brainer.

doctorstrange3086d ago

Burnout Paradise, which is available on the PSN

IrishRepublicanArmy3086d ago

and they were pleased with the profit they returned!

coolirisGB3086d ago

But obviously participating more than most other companies.

kaveti66163086d ago

If the cost of the games on demand are the same as the games at retail, then I'd rather buy it at retail. The Games on Demand has to offer some kind of motivational factor in order to get people to get use it.

Automat3086d ago

damn right. it should be like half price. i'd download fifa 10 on day one if it had a resonable price. getting the blu-ray for full price in not happening since i have fifa09 (got it at half price as well=))

cokzilla233086d ago

hard copy all the way for me. i'd rather carry around my game discs than my ps3 when i go to a friends house.