The Console Market As Of Next New Year's Eve, According To Activison

Kotaku: During Activision Blizzard's conference call annoucning its second quarter results today, the company shared its best guess for the console market circa 12/31/09.

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kaveti66163243d ago

So Activision is expecting the 360 to sell 2 million more units than the PS3 by the end of the year? And more shockingly, it's expecting the Wii to sell 15 million units more by the end of the year? Wait, the addition doesn't add up. 27 plus 9 is not 33. Eh, screw it.

fjtorres3243d ago

The 27 million is as of June 30 2009.
The 9 Million is for the full calendar year.
So the numbers add up just fine.
Obviously they're factoring in the PS3slim and the $299 Elite.

deadreckoning6663243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Agreed. Why do so many people think that the PS3 dropping to 300 bucks is automatically gunna knock it to the forefront. Of course Microsoft isn't going unanswered and will have their price adjustments too. The PS3 WILL NOT outsell the 360 anytime soon and it DOESNT HAVE TO, it just needs to sell well enough so that Sony can keep making the amazing exclusives they have coming up. I don't get why one piece of electronics outselling another piece of electronics is of such importance to some people on this site.

lloyd_sr13243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

We don't know the implications a $299.99 PS3 may have in the market, especially as the only console with a blu-ray player, and a console with a predecessor that shipped 140mil units and is still selling. This is also in a market where blu-ray players were hot Christmas items last year.

Obviously, a drop to $299.99 for the PS3 would be just as substantial a price cut as a $199.99 360 because it's at a historical mass market price point for the first time.

Usually, companies often low ball forecasts as to not make investors unhappy if figures are not met or they over shoot.