ActiBlizz Q2 financials: New Bond game in the works

VG247: Activision's Mike Griffith has just announced that a new Bond game will release in 2010.

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cmrbe3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

just pull all their ip movies and music from Acti for being such douches. Imagine what would happen to GH.

pure pwnage243271d ago

all these James Bond games have gone downhill since after Goldeneye

all I want is to feel like I'm actually James Bond out on a mission, not a call of duty game. you are a secret agent and I want to go up behind people and shoot them in the head with a silenced pistol without them even knowing. that feeling from Goldeneye mixed with the incredible music used in that game while playing is something games today can't even do right or have abandoned.

But then I'm asking for to much, there's never gonna be a game like Goldeneye ever again ;( ;( ;(

Shnazzyone3271d ago

there hasn't been a good Bond game in over 10 years. Why should i assume that this one will be any different.

iTzNath3271d ago

Is This The Confirmed Bond Racing Game Or A Separate Game?