'Halo' Movie Director Had 5 Months Before Cancellation

Neill Blomkamp, former director of the "Halo" movie, is currently promoting "District 9." Despite the 30 million dollar budget, his film looks absolutely kick ass, and it makes you wonder what he would've done with the god-knows-how-much-money the "Halo" movie would've gotten.

MTV Movies Editor, Josh Horowitz, sat down with Blomkamp and spoke briefly about his time working on "Halo." Apparently he had 5 months, start to finish, before the movie got canned. He definitely sounds wistful about it, but admits that it probably resulted in him being able to make "District 9."

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jack who3271d ago


the halo movie was never cancel it was put on hold cause it was been Directed by a no body(at the time) with a huge budget. so there for it was put on "HOLD" so the no body Director(at the time)can Approve him self.

ps: want an halo movie go see District 9