ActiBlizz Q2 financials: Call of Duty series has sold close to 14 million

VG247: Activision's Mike Griffin has said that the Call of Duty franchise has sold close to 14 million units in the series lifetime.

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Pandamobile2996d ago

That's only 2 million behind Half-Life 2. Not bad, IW.

omc_032996d ago

does anyone even know exactly how much the half life series has sold?

Seeing as Valve doesn't release numbers from steam, how would one go about calculating this number?

Pandamobile2996d ago

Half-Life 2 sold 6.5 Million copies at retail and announced in 2007 that Half-Life 2's Steam sales had surpassed the retail sales.

fishd2996d ago

The title is wrong.Cod4(MW1) has sold about 14 million
Cod seriers has sold much much more tahn 14 million!Cod:Waw sold like 10 million!


zok3102996d ago

I was like "that's it?"

juicyjuice2996d ago

Trust me, it doesn't. CoD4 is practically a masterpiece.