The Beatles: Rock Band to contain support for Lips and Singstar mics and up to 6 players

Console Monster writes: "Twitter has once again become a source of information, with confirmation that The Beatles: Rock Band will contain support for Lips and Singstar microphones on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 respectively. The news came on the game's official Twitter feed: TheBeatlesRB on the following tweet:

Okay, okay: The Beatles: Rock Band supports Lips and Singstar mics. That is all I know! I am a videogame; I lack a voicebox.

Minutes after revealing the Lips and Singstar microphone support, the same Twitter feed also revealed that the game will support up to six players; three players on instruments and three on vocals..."

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GrammarPolice3121d ago

You can play as Yoko Ono and tear the band apart, then Heather Mills to milk McCartney for every last pound he's worth!

Saaking3121d ago

The Beatles are the best!

Bubble Buddy3121d ago

Beatlemania still going in '09 (Y)