Activision Q2 Results, PS3 Third Highest Revenue

Activision has just released there second quarter results for the 3 months ending June 30 2009, surprisingly PS3 revenue is the third highest, despite Bobby Kotick's earlier comments.

Contains platform-specific breakdown of revenue.

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fishd2938d ago

You are a fool if,even for a second,you though Activision will stop supporting PS consoles.

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Marcelles252938d ago

still they are not posting 360 numbers theres a 71 million Dollar Gap between PS3 and X360

and for EA Its a 41 million dollar gap between PS3 and X360


hulk_bash19872938d ago

Cutting the revenue stream they're getting from the PS3 install base wouldn't be a smart move on their part.

sonarus2938d ago

Just drop PS3 already activision

Pistolero2938d ago

Activision was never going to drop support of the ps3...those were stupid comments to make...but it is amazing how much more revenue the 360 brought in than the ps3. The Xbox 360 brought in $231 million ...the PS3 brought in $152 million.

ultimolu2938d ago

So Activision...what were you saying?

And...PS3 fans don't buy games, right?

Carl14122938d ago

Kottick, better cut your losses and abandon the PS3 before it's too late!

JoySticksFTW2938d ago

PS3 with $152 million
PS2 $44 million
PSP $17 million

Hey Bobby... shut your mouth

Carl14122938d ago

I wish they actually would drop support of the PS3, it'd be pretty funny to see how much profit they lose. There's really no must-have Activision games anyway, in my opinion. Sure, some are fun, but none i couldn't live without

morganfell2938d ago

This is a nice huge piece of humble pie to all of those people - and we can go look at your posts - that remarked Activision was even remotely serious in dropping PS3 support. Where are the people now that believed anything so ridiculous was possible.

I love the smell of exoneration in the evening. Smells like...victory.

cayal2938d ago

It sounds like Kotick is using the PS3 as an excuse to raise the price of Modern Warfare 2.

BRG90002938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Those numbers are pretty damn meaningless. Revenue isn't relevant unless you can also see the expenses associated with each console in order to see the profit. You can't just look at raw revenue and "prove" that Activision will/will not support a console, because for all we know they're spending 500 million developing games for both Xbox and PS3 and only 1 million on DS games making DS most profitable by far.

EDIT: Rereading the above comments, some of you seem to think revenue is a synonym for profit? It isn't. It is just the raw cash brought in, ignoring the cash expended. The conclusions some people are making simply can't be drawn from these numbers alone.

GarandShooter2938d ago

@ Pistolero

'but it is amazing how much more revenue the 360 brought in than the ps3. The Xbox 360 brought in $231 million ...the PS3 brought in $152 million'

You really think that's amazing? It's $79 million dollars. With 7 to 8 million more 360s out there than PS3s, that's barely $10.00 per additional console, not even 1/4 the price of a standard edition game.

Hardly amazing when you take a few seconds to analyze it.

Anyone want to find the latest sold (yeah, I know shipped, but it's all we have to work with) numbers and divide them into the revenue generated and look at this on a per console basis?

KingME2938d ago

The 360 made more that the entire Playstation trio combinded. Nice job 360, way to hold it steady.

FamilyGuy2938d ago

Is this how much they made after production and distribution cost or is it simply how much they've made on PS3 game sales?

1.036bil in revenue so the PS3 is around %15 of their total.

If say it cost them 100mil to make 150mill on PS3 and
100 to make that 230mil on the 360 then i could see why they'd complain.
But if revenue is and after-cost word then they should never of said a thing.

I have yet to buy a single activision game this gen so i couldn't care less if they left.

blackmagic2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

I don't even remotely believe activision would EVER abandon the ps3 but to be the devil's advocate, you could see them using the 360 more as a proving ground for games they aren't sure will be hits or not... make the game on 360 and if it's popular, make it multiplat kind of like the bioshock route.

IdleLeeSiuLung2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Again this is revenue, not profit. Regardless, Activision will not drop PS3 support.

Revenue is the amount they brought in from sales including profit. For a retailer revenue is how much money customers left at the cash registers.

raztad2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

I dont care if Activision "drops" PS3 support. I'm not getting Generic Warfare or GH, or any other Activision game. It's not gonna happen though, that would be just suicidal for Activision themselves not Sony.

BTW, x360 fans are really into activision games, I guess COD4/COD5 are kings in xboxland.

pain777pas2938d ago

Activision concerning PS3 support should QFT.

N4g_null2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

the PS3 bringing in $152 million. The Wii brought in $118 million are pretty close, dangerously close.

Kotick expressed concern that his company paid $500 million to Sony in royalties and other goods last year alone, but the Xbox 360(since you don't have to pay an cell guru to code for it) and Wii(since you can still make a kick a$$ games for 2 million or less if you wanted to) are cheaper to develop for and offer a better return on investment.

Ok kids let play a game call math $152 million subtracted by $500 million equals $-348million in revenue !YAY! I knew you could do it! So that profit from WOW paid for PS3 development. Then I'm sure the Wii and xbox helped out since we know they are not complaining about the pay outs (royalties) to these console makers.

It does seem like some one is getting over charged though. When nintendo did this crap with carts every one bailed on them.

Don't believe me than look at what was said.

"In the three months ending June 30 2009, MMORPGs were the highest earning platform bringing in $324 million, followed by the Xbox 360 bringing in $231 million, followed by the PS3 bringing in $152 million. The Wii brought in $118 million, DS $48 million, PS2 $44 million, PC & Other $41 million, with PSP bringing up the rear with $17 million of revenue."

Yeah the PS3 is still going to get dropped if you look at these numbers and hell I kind understand why... $500 million is a lot to pay for around $150 million worth of profit LOL. Hell was this a loan from SONY or some thing LOL.

gaffyh2937d ago

@scissor - You are incredibly stupid, Microsoft and Nintendo charge royalties for their games aswell. And it is actually estimated to be about the same on all platforms (~$10 per $60 game). Also royalty fees are charged on a per unit sold basis, so no matter what, a publisher will never make a loss on their sales.

Seriously can't wait until these summer holidays are over and all these kids go back to school. Hopefully they can make them from retards into people of normal intellect.

N4g_null2937d ago

So gaffyh tell me why is activision not dropping the Wii then? Why are they not threaten nintendo? The Wii sold way less than the PS3 right? Why is activision not complaining about paying them $500 million?

I mean if the nintendo systems combined made less than $500 million wouldn't activision complain and ask for a price drop or some thing?

I wonder how much you know about these deals? You have to buy your disk in bulk you know and if those games do not sell then you have to still pay for that bulk price. I'm not activision yet I do know that if you pay 500 and only get 213 out of all the SONY platforms that you might of gotten cheated LOL just maybe.

Maybe your are frustrated because you expected every one to not put two and two together.

gaffyh every one knows that blue rays cost more to press, yet it work in your favor some times but some times it does not. All I know is activisions just admitted that they are not making a profit from SONy console even though money is made.... what can you not understand about that?

Oh I'm stupid because you can not prove it wrong huh? You sound so frustrated man why? Do you work for sony? Opps sorry, I don't yet I'll be dame it I'm going to make such a poor bet on this market and loose that much money.

See what blind faith gets you... yeah PS3 sale will get better! NEXT YEAR!

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Omega42938d ago

360: $231ml
PS3: $152ml

Thats nearly a 100ml difference, if you take into account the large amount of 360 piracy and the fact that most of the 360 sales wont be from non-US regions (no exchange rate boost) thats a hell of a big difference. You can kinda see where Activision is coming from when they said they would stop supporting the PS3 especially if you compare it to EA.

DasBunker2938d ago

PS3+PS2+PSP=Enough profit for activision (more than 200 million)

you guys take the PC as a MS "platform" dont you? so why not count the PS2 and PSP?

if i were sony and a company like activision stops support for my biggest and more important console i might aswell say F you and wont let them develope for my other 2 consoles as well... so watch your words activision!

these activision and EA numbers just can mean one thing... other than the COD games PS3 owners prefer EA games in general..

omc_032938d ago

I can't see where Activision is coming from when they say they will drop support for the PS3 simply because I can't see them wanting to throw away $150 mil

and stop being a troll, $79 mil is not "nearly $100 mil", if you're going to round, you might as well say it's nearly $80 mil as a whole $20 million is no small number...

callahan092938d ago

Yeah, and there's OVER a 100 million difference between 360 and MMORPG revenues. Maybe they should just supporting everything but MMOs? Or, perhaps more than 100 million revenue is very good. It would make no sense to abandon all that.

Clap Your Hands2938d ago


Math was not yor strong side eh? ;-)

It's not nearly a 100mill difference... it's a 79mill difference. 21 million from beeing nearly anything like 100mill...

rhood0222938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

It's a $79 million difference.

Which is not that big a gap.

Omega42938d ago

So even the ENTIRE PS family combined doesnt compete with just the 360, that makes it look even worst.

You guys say they will be throwing $150ml away but when you consider the expensive development costs that the PS3 brings they may actually be better off, but who knows eh...I wasnt the one who made the statement they did and they obviously know more about it.

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JonnyBigBoss2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

"You can kind of see where they are coming from..."

Actually no, I don't see where they are coming from. The PS3 platform brought tremendous profits, and to drop the PS3 would be suicide.

Just noticed from Omega's profile:

"Ignored by: 145 users"

That's 100 more than I've seen with anyone else. Maybe Activision should stop supporting you.

coolirisGB2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Don't forget the cost for development and fees vs the less expensive port to PS3 costs. Funny how PS3 top sales is a victory and even the ones showing PS3 losing are twisted to victories.

Erotic Sheep2938d ago

jleack, make that 146 now.. I'm tired of reading his useless spinning, he spins EVERYTHING, even when spinning is IMPOSSIBLE. Omega4 you are without a doubt a waste of space on this planet.

leila012938d ago

What did Omega do to you personally? You need to step away from the internet a bit.

likedamaster2938d ago