E3 map released

The map for the upcoming E3 Summit has been released. The event is scheduled for July 11 - 13.

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Silver Bull3t4249d ago

Think they can cure AIDS and solve world hunger at this "summit"... LMAO.

Yuprules4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Original story from April 24th with a readable PDF!

Inasid4249d ago

Floor setup looks nice. E3 is just not going to be the same. :(

Gamer134249d ago

Can,t wait to see some amazing games in action, EX KZ2 Halo3 GT5 MGS GTA Bio-shock CD4 PGR4 RAC and alot more.

IM OUT...///"""

gta_cb4249d ago

yeh although i cant ever go as i live in the UK i do like to hear what is being announced at this event

kingofps34249d ago

I don't think anybody from any of the gaming sites other than maybe ign, gamespot, and 1up, are ever going to E3 (even if they live in the US):(

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