7 Best-Selling Games That Totally Suck

Now if only video game publishers would develop a Lego FPS with Marvel characters and racing/skateboarding side games, made specifically for the Wii...that might be fun.

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chrisjc2938d ago

Ah, CS on the console: what a shame.

Bnet3432937d ago

Back in the Xbox Live days of Xbox 1, Rainbow Six 3 and Counter Strike were the top played games. Really brings back memories.

Mr_Controversy2937d ago

With one exception, all the Tony Hawk Games after Pro Skater 2 sucks, period.

Gran Turismo 4 is indeed a boring game. I do not care what the reviews say but after playing A-Spec, GRID, & Forza 2, that game clearly sucks.

Counter-Strike only sucked on the console because of the crappy controls. I agree that the first Resistance was very generic it has more in common with those crappy movies on the Syfy channel than that of an actual Sci-Fi epic a la Halo.

The lego games are cute but c'mon, where's the gameplay at?

Poopface the 2nd2937d ago

You shouldn't really make an article on a topic if you need to include games that were bundled with something to make a point(wii play and I think the marvel game was bundled with 360 in 2007). He even says resistance was good and puts it on there. Maybe he ran outa games.
Also CS on xbox? Thats soooooo old. Cs on PC isnt exacty free, you need to have hl first which does cost money. stand alone CS for PC costed about 20(I bought it just so I wouldnt have to DL with my 56k modem).

Also I think its really stupid to say the lego games dont deserve the sales when they are a kids game. Ive never played one but I used to love real legos when I was a kid(dragon castles, submarines and space bases baby) so why is is stupid for kids to buy a KIDs game??

Nikuma2937d ago

You don't realize that CS was actually free to DL and play for a long time and to my recollection you didn't even need HL to download and play it. Later on Valve bought the game from the indy devs who created it and now they charge for it.(tho it's included in the killer deal that is the Orange Box) Even now though, you could still get CS for free if you really wanted too. :P

Poopface the 2nd2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Ive been playing cs since 1.2 to the present. The original CS was a free mod for Half-life. It was created using the tools taht came with the original HL. Meaning you had to have half-life to play the mod. After valve bought CS they released CS as a stand alone disk(for about 20$) that didnt need HL to work. I had HL already but bought the disk because I only had a 56k modem back in the day and didnt want to wait days for it to DL.

Counter-strike source was free and came with Half-life 2. If you dont have half life you have to pay for the stand alone CS.

mal_tez922937d ago

Both those games are great. Resistance was just so memorable for its amazing weapon and enemy design, and with such a great story too. Gran Turismo games have always been great for their level of detail in the cars and tracks, and for impressive graphics too.

Games that should be on this list are Halo 2 & 3, and every Grand Theft Auto after GTA 3. Those games are terrible, but there are enough retards in the world to enjoy them that they become best sellers.

ryuyasho2937d ago

why Halo and Gears aren't holding hands in the first place... i wonder...

IdleLeeSiuLung2937d ago

It's easy, because they are great games. Silly question!!!

y0haN2937d ago

Halo? Epic? Hahaha. Halo is a multiplayer game, if you played it for anything else you are an invalid.

Syronicus2937d ago

To even have CS, Resistance or GT4 on there is pure flame bait. To the author of this article. Get a life, and not one in journalism, because you suck. Plain and simple.

Nikuma2937d ago

Well it's been a long time but I could swear I remember downloading and playing CS for free without even owning Half-life. That was many years ago so it's foggy.

gaffyh2937d ago

CS, Resistance and GT4 are all awesome games. I prefer the first Resistance to Resistance 2, much much more enjoyable and "AAA" game imo, even though it had less features.

ryuyasho2936d ago


It's easy, because they are great-ly OVER-HYPED-CRAP games. truly Silly thing is the people who got owned into the HYPE... TRULY SILLY INDEED...

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mrv3212938d ago

Did someone not play Resistance online, Resistance was and still is a fantastic game and I used all of the weapons, they all had their ups and downs and to say the Machine gun was the only one to use is a lie.

Resistance shinned online much like COD 4 did but that's not on the list. Why?

tiamat52937d ago

I agree. If you played through RFOM and only used the machine gun is ovbiously an idiot. The spike mines, auger, slow motion sniper rifle, dragon flame thrower and the gun that tagged enemies (can't remeber the name right now) alone where worth the price of admition to RFOM. But as usual if it's not Halo or Gears of War it's not a "real" shooter

Defectiv3_Detectiv32937d ago

GT4 was worth it for the dirt racing alone. I don't think this guy understands the concept of racing sims. If he didn't like that game than he better not pick up forza3, because its basically the same thing - a racing sim sequel with minor improvements and a bunch of content to make up for that.

Resistance 1 did kind of suck, thats why the sequel didn't sell 1/2 as much as the first one, but if you go through the game only using the first gun than you just don't know what your doin.

Kill Crow2937d ago


none of these are best sellers !

Mo0eY2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

1. Halo
2. Halo for PC
3. Halo 2
4. Halo 2 for PC
5. Halo 3
6. Halo: Wars
6. Halo 3: P.E.A.T.

Bonus - preditable game that will outsell everything but totally suck:
Halo: Reach

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dktxx22938d ago

to say resistance is a bland, unimaginative game, is stupid. Insomniac basically did what everyone thought was impossible, make a fresh ww2 shooter (although it does stretch the term, ww2 shooter.)

GT4 was awesome. deserved all its sales.

Tony Hawk series didn't blow until Underground 2, which really sucked.

Replace those with any game that's title begins with Wii and your list makes sense.

callahan092937d ago

I agree, it's totally insane to call Resistance bland. And to say its plethora of creative weapons were useless is just as silly. There are many parts of the game where it would be VERY difficult if not for the auger, or the gun that ricochets off walls and you can set traps with (forget the name). Plus, the level design was great, and it had a unique health system too.

Halo3 MLG Pro2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Resistance is a good and fun game. It was pretty much a basic shooter and had a few flaws but overall still a good franchise. And I also enjoyed Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Great multiplayer game.

a_squirrel2937d ago

I still remember playing proskater 2, and there was a pond that created an infinite grinding point spreee!!!!

bushfan2937d ago

I like a LOT LEGO batman..and resistance and GT4..not suck at all.

II Necroplasm II2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Yeah I know where you're talking about. I left the game running doing that while I was asleep back in the day.

Too bad there was no Achievement/Trophy support to reward me for my fried PS2 after that.

bozobucketeer2937d ago

@2.3 I believe it was Philadelphia. There was an empty little water fountain.

badz1492937d ago

I will admit that other than R:FoM and Motorstorm, PS3 day 1 lineup was crap!

for R:FoM, although it has a dull atmosphere, it suits the theme of the game itself perfectly! the gameplay is solid and I love many things about it; from the unique old-school health system to the weapons selection wheel which is majorly missed in R2! the story is far from generic and still easily beats most of FPS released this gen in that section and MP is rock solid 40-player mayhem! CoD4 looks better than R:FoM, YES but in terms of story, it's generic and has no co-op and MP max at 32-player!

R:FoM is THE game that brought me into FPS and for Insomniac, I hope they combine the good things in both R:FoM & R2 for the next R3! fingers cross!

juicyjuice2937d ago

I've only played 15 minutes of Resistance and that was enough to blow me away. Seems stupid that they would say it sucks..


The_Zeitgeist2937d ago

@ badz149

Motorstorm was not a launch title for PS3.

f7897902937d ago

I was running through my ammo like crazy and I loved that game. I can't beat it on medium, yet I beat KZ2 on hard.

aaron58292937d ago

from the day it was released, until the day i bought my PS3.

So yea, the game sucked ? no i dont think so.

Lame drivers think so though.

You know, the kind of people who post their youtube vids banging walls , running off road and blame the controls ?


shadow27972937d ago

I actually prefer Resistance to Halo (offline). When I played Resistance 2, I had a blast. But it kept reminding me of all the great moments in R: FOM. I think the story in R2 took a turn for the worse. No narrator (I actually liked her), and a talking Angel? WTF?

When it comes to FPS's, Resistance is one of my favorite series. It's hard to compare it to Killzone 2 because they're so different, but I definitely prefer the story, weapons and enemies in Resistance over the ones in Halo.

Unfortunately, because I rented both Resistance games, I've had little playtime with them online. I did get to play the R2 Beta for a couple of days though.

Obviously most probably won't agree with me, and that's okay.