Sony announces specs for 2TB Memory Stick XC


"Looks like those Sony 2TB memory sicks we warned you about way back in January are finally coming to pass, and Sony Insider has dug up the details. As appearing on Sony's site, the Memory Stick XC keeps the current form factor for memory sticks (most likely these guys will be backwards compatible) with the XC series (XC Duo, XC-HG Duo, XC Micro (M2 XC), XC-HG Micro (M2 XC-HG)) using the exFAT file system, and the PRO series (including the PRO Duo, PRO-HG Duo, Micro (M2), HG Micro (M2-HG)) using the tried and true FAT12/16/32. Memory freaks can thrill to the specifications for the new class after the break."

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FragMnTagM3239d ago

Too bad it is in the Memory Stick format as they are so much more expensive than SD cards.

Chris3993239d ago

I AM A MEMORY WHORE. (And a "graphics whore" too, but that's another issue.)

As someone below me mentioned, having all of your media on one portable stick is too delicious of an opportunity to pass up. Isn't there supposed to be a blu-ray copy function for PSP/ PS3 soon too? This little gem would be perfect for that.

Also note that we won't hit 2TB right away, that's just the projected memory cap for this sort of technology.

Cwalat3238d ago

What the f*****k??

2 TB?!!!


gambare3238d ago

ok it sounds like a new era of portable information is in.

now I can say goodbye to my voluminous HDD and replace them with tiny mem cards.

well.... maybe Sony will bring a new advance in computing tech... wait... maybe the new PS3 slim will bring this tech? oh... I'm talking too much (removable drives)

FamilyGuy3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )


Like I've said before, with tech like this becoming possible whats the point of a SSD? Note that the 2Tb is theoretical, the limit of what's possible with this card. I'd be happy to see one at a good laptop size of 320Gbs

The transfer speed difference between the Hg and the non is phenomenal as well.

skyfire22613238d ago

Blu-ray is the future....:P

@FragMnTagM; The SD group announced back at CES (a day before Sony announce this if i recall) there next format, that being SDXC and it pretty much has the same abilities as this will/does/have so no worries.

@gold5225; Unfortunately no we can't, not yet anyway. That 1TB drive from WD is 12.5mm. It will not fit in the PS3 drive bay. Boo. Still this just means the 9.5mm drives that one would need to put in a PS3 can't be that far off. Huzzah!

C_SoL3238d ago

holy sh!t
holy fuk!n sh!t
holy mother fuk!n sh!t
holy mother of *beep* sh!t

that's some big fuk!n sh!t homles

holy sh!t

SORRRY I got carried away....

FragMnTagM3238d ago

@the disagrees.... all I said was that Memory Stick format is more expensive... jeesh. I wasn't hating on your precious Sony...

Bubble for you Skyfire for making a sensible reply, which is more than I can say for about 60% of the idiots on here.

ThanatosDMC3238d ago

DAMN! I thought 2TB was a typo! I'll gladly exchange this for my laptop's or PC's HDD or my PS3.

Imagine this on our consoles, PSPs, computers, etc.

MEsoJD3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

that makes me appreciate mankind.

The thought of soo much memory in a small card makes me drool.

evrfighter3238d ago

wow I was misled by this title...thanks for that, whoever the douche was that submitted it. the damn stick hasn't even been created yet. It's just the theoretical maximum capacity...

dcbronco3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

This card will most likely cost more than the device in the beginning. So unless you want the PS3 to go back to $600 or more, slow down. I do hope this will make SanDisk reconsider closing plants to drive memory prices back up. I don't have a Memory Stick device but have several MicroSD devices. But this will also drive down the cost of memory in MP3 players while boosting the capacity.

Impressive all the same.

Mu5afir3238d ago

My 60gb Ps3 with media slot pawned ur ASS!

meepmoopmeep3238d ago

yup, gotta love the media slots in the 60GB

i use it for game save backups

JoySticksFTW3238d ago

That memory stick might actually cost more than a PSPGo when it debut!

and I thought I was breaking the bank when I got a 16GB mem stick for my PSP a while back. 8O

AAACE53238d ago

We barely have PC's that have 1 Tb in them... Now they are making 2 Tb memory sticks? If true, the Psp go will benefit from this as well!

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himdeel3239d ago just disgusting!! 2T or space just boggles my mind especially if it's compatible with the PSP.

theonlylolking3239d ago

Hopefully its compatible with the PSP and does not cost as much as one LOL. Could this mean in 3 or 4yrs we might have a 20TB PS4? Or a 4TB PS3?

krouse933238d ago

You can already do a 1 Terabyte PS3 since Western Digital came out with the 1 terabyte Laptop sized harddrives a week or 2 ago.

RememberThe3573238d ago

Would the PS3 even recognize that?

MTEC83238d ago

I have a 320 GB and know someone that has a 500 GB without any problems, its the same 2.5 SATA format so I don't see why not.

Redempteur3238d ago

i guess they are getting ready for the psp GO .
2TB is huge , imagine how many pictures i can take with my digital camera ....

siliticx3238d ago

Memory sticks are like SD cards, they are extremely small and basicly 1 inch wide, 2/3 inch high and about 1/16 a inch in thickness.

they aint hard drives.

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whateva3239d ago

that's just crazy!

it's hard to wrap my head around how crazy it would be to have that much data on a little card.

that's ever MP3 ,video and picture I have ever had all on 1 card that can go in my PSP , PS3 or Camera.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3238d ago

Sony is always moving forward to prosperity and success.

Microsoft is moving forward as well inside the trunk of a car going down a cliff

deadreckoning6663238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

I agree with your comment regarding Sony, but I hadn't noticed Microsoft was in trouble...oh i forgot, sales mean nothing, numbers mean nothing, and having the most played online games on any console doesn't mean anything either. Stupid me.

blackbeld3238d ago

Sony RULES!!!!!!!!!!! 2 Tera Bytes? This is amazing for a mem stick!!!

Shadow Man3238d ago

Yep 4D 1080p 120 frames per second games on the PS3 FTW.

talltony3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

dont get confused. We are still years away from 2tb sticks. That is not what this is. Computers rarely ship with tb hard drives unless you pay extra.

"Update: There seems to be some confusion amongst the Internet about this story. A 2 TB maximum capacity doesn’t mean that you will see a 2 TB Memory Stick XC next year. That is probably years away – however, it does open the door for 64GB, 128GB, etc; a natural progression to the 2 TB limit is to be expected."

mfwahwah3238d ago

I love how SONY invests in furthering technological advances and MS invests money into buying (timed)exlusives, replacing people's broken 360s, and purchasing Yahoo.

I'd rather give SONY my money knowing they put it to a use that will help ME, not just themselves and their business.

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