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Bnet3433270d ago

Just letting everyone know this is a PSP game and not a PSN game, which is disappointing.

gambare3270d ago

There was a rumor some time ago about allowing to play the PSP titles in the PS3 after the release of the PSP go!, I hope they allow this, because the idea of the digital distribution of the Sony titles is the same of the PSone titles, allow the user to play then in registered consoles but with the benefit of being legal users, play in your PSP titles in the PS3, just like remote play allows the users to play PS3 titles in the PSP.

let's see what the Sony executives conclude

3270d ago
gambare3270d ago

That's why they are thinking about it a lot, but it "could" increase the sales of the original data instead pirate it, if someone buy the title for PS3 and it's playable in PSP the consumer can be motivated in acquire a PSP go to carry that title with them. Just like the PSP/PSone titles, many people bought FFVII to play it in the PS3 but they also can play it on the PSP.

but that's still in debate

raztad3270d ago

This is not meant to be playable on PS3. They are just adding this game for PsP Go owners.

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mephman3270d ago

I wonder if it'll be the same price.

ShawnCollier3270d ago

Likely, since Atlus's extras for pre-orders/initial copies never have jacked up the price.

Nice to see them having both out at the same time (since Atlus games are notorious for being hard to find unless they reprint them) and letting those who are interested get the title a few months after, and giving a bonus to those who go for the retail copy.

Milky3270d ago

Nice. I hope for a demo because I have never played a Persona game.

Baka-akaB3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Great cause i dont like collecting umds at all .
Day one purchase .

Finally someone understand that delaying digital copies so gamestop could rip off people , only delay sales , or can even kill them .

Giant_Chibi3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I plan on buying a psp go and even though i'm not too fond of carrying umds, I do admire the box casings. They're great to display on a shelf in my room and they become wonderful collectibles.

What i would propose for brick and mortar stores to do is to have a separate section of psp games that retains the same box and cover art, but inside would be a voucher code instead of a umd.

By doing this, they won't lose sales from psp go owners to psn. They could even continue to pack other incentives with the vouchers, like what persona is doing here with soundtracks included with the physical copy, but for psp go owners they can also buy a voucher copy and recieve the same bonus content. In doing so, alot of digital consumers will still opt to buy at their local game store.

JonnyBigBoss3270d ago

Wait, will it be a PSP game downloadable, or a game that PS3-only owners can DL and play?

Baka-akaB3270d ago

It's not the psx game , it's the psp remake

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