Redbox will be Renting Videogames and Blu-rays by beginning of 2010 through Kiosks

Bellevue, Washington-based Coinstar plans to have 21,000 to 22,000 Redbox kiosks by January, up from 13,700 a year earlier, Davis said. The company will seek to expand its movie selection as well as test video games, Blu-ray high definition discs and higher prices, he said.

Video Games

Testing of video games will start by year-end, and Coinstar is considering both integrating game rentals into Redbox machines and offering separate kiosks, Davis said.

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FragMnTagM2998d ago

Here's to hoping that the prices are not ridiculous like the Gamefly video game box.

juicyjuice2997d ago

Here here! I hope the prices are extremely cheap as this will help citizens of the world stop feeding money to the horrible franchise known as Blockbuster.


loslonelyman2997d ago

this will put pressure on Blockbuster to stock MORE new releases of games and movies!

Nitrowolf22997d ago

i wonder when something like this wopuld happen. thereis a redbox acroos from where i live so this will be good.

-Mezzo-2997d ago

I wonder how many of these would be stolen each day. :P

Nitrowolf22997d ago

yah but it would charge you each day on your credit card so what would be the point?

callahan092997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Awesome! I already rent DVDs from them. 1 dollar for 24 hours is the best deal around for someone like me who doesn't rent movies very frequently (so a Netflix account, while great for someone who watches a ton of movies, doesn't really translate to a good deal for someone like me). It's really convenient because the kiosk is right outside my grocery store, which is within walking distance (about 10 minutes) or only like 3 minutes away by car. If they have prices anywhere near as good for videogame rentals, I'll start renting for sure!

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