Xbox Live Arcade Games are transferable

It looks as so your Xbox Live games are transferable to the Elite system, unlike earlier reports suggested. Judging from this blog, read on for my information.



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Bad Editing: (6 hours ago)
Misleading title and story, they are currently WORKING on transferring your arcade games. You still can't do it.

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Talvish4006d ago

I meant to say 'XBLA Games are going to be transferable'.

God of Gaming4006d ago

I was just going to suggest that...

Yuprules4006d ago

If you posted it, you can edit it.

Talvish4006d ago

... and it looks like I cannot edit it because of that. That or I'm just not seeing where 'edit' is.

Sigh. This is what happens when you do things when tired.

donscrillinger4006d ago

so does this mean that i can download the game again and get my l's back for the game

Talvish4006d ago

Based on what Major Nelson said, it sounds like it.