Monster Hunter 3's perfect score Famitsu review details

1UP has the Famitsu reviewers' opinions on the new Monster Hunter game.

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N4g_null2938d ago

That is interesting. No one said this when all they other games got perfect. It really sounds like some one is trying to deflate the hype of this game. Having no hype is a good thing the game will speak for it self if you actually own a Wii. Fam has always done this and so has other game mags.

Another thing is you have to look at things from this point of view... which mag has the same taste in games as you? As a dev I love edge's reviews because this is usually what you collages think. The other mags are what the uninformed think. Fam is part of a group that they actually say what they like and don't have a real bias in my eyes because they like so much.

I think the problem is mags should get a dev to rank the game some one who is totally new to games and some one skilled at games to rate the game. The list would go on but seriously wouldn't it be cool if the public got to vote on who they wanted to represent them to review a game? That would make the most sense to me. let them play the game and be a really journalist and write down what they said in an interview.

AAACE52938d ago

I hope somewhere down the line this gets ported over to the Ps3 and 360!

Gr812938d ago

This is pretty strange. I heard no complaints or "review details" when MGS4 got perfect scores. What is with gaming media these days? I guess Wii is begining to look like a viable platform and the "hardly-cores" can't take it. Oh well, good riddance to bad rubbish.

GameGambits2938d ago

I'm not surprised Japan thinks this is a perfect game on the Wii. Take into account it's the third in the series with tons of portable versions as well to get the formula right. It finally hit its peak for Japanese players. You also have to take into account the platform its made on and really without even playing it I could safely say it's probably the best game on the Wii to date for RPG junkies.

This game deserves it and I'll scoop up a copy when the western release happens so long as the online isn't botched up. :)

TruthbeTold2938d ago

If GTA4 can get as many 10's as it did, no one has any business b!tching about this game getting a great score. GTA4 was overhyped, and overscored to the extreme. Good game, but not anywhere near a 10.