PSP Go bundled with Rock Band - Retail Radar

When Sony officially revealed the PSP Go, some eyebrows were raised by the system's $249.99 price point. After all, the current PSP-3000 system can play everything the PSP Go can play, has a UMD disc drive, and sells for $169.99 new.

Some of that sticker shock may be alleviated, as Best Buy indicates that the $249.99 price will at least include a game. According to the retailer's product listing, the retail packaging should contain "PSPgo system, USB cable, AC adapter and Rock Band Unplugged voucher."

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saint_john_paul_ii3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

well, that price isnt so bad at all if it indeed comes with a game. RB:Unplugged sounds like a good game to add on to the system.

but still. now if it was a game like GOW:COO or MGS: portable ops, then its will make it better.

Raf1k13269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

True but I don't think those games appeal to quite as many people as Rock Band

edit: I just saw you with one bubble and now it's back to 6 O_O.
That's the second time today something like that has happened to me with bubbles.

Cwalat3269d ago

Raf1k Was just about to say that... Rock Band is more mainstream than MGS and GOW... although they are great games.

249$ PSP Go + Rockband: Unplugged

Wow... ^ That is actually a pretty good pricepoint

Myst3269d ago

Yep Rock band unplugged should provide those with the PSP Go quite a bit of playtime. I got the bundle for the 4 GB memory stick, but have jumped in and out of it from time to time. Whether you want to unlock all the songs at the beginning or go through the tour mode unlocking them that way. The option will be open for those who wish to do it either way.

randomwiz3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Yeah... they really seem to be pushing the casual games on the psp go. Not the hardcore ones.

Baka-akaB3269d ago

how so with titles like motorstorm , gran turismo and most sony first party titles ?

saint_john_paul_ii3269d ago


you must be confused with the fake popes. Only I, the Real Pope John Paul II can speak with God about games.

Giant_Chibi3269d ago

surely you must be mistaken.

At e3, sony would not shush about their hardcore games for psp.

I'm pretty sure gran turismo, metal gear solid peace walker, and littlebigplanet would like a word with you.

shadow27973268d ago

It would be even better if it came with Gran Turismo. =)

But Rock Band is definitely one of the better choices they could have chosen to attract buyers. And as long as the game's worth having, it definitely sweetens the deal.

randomwiz3268d ago

@ giant

yeah i know they're pushing hardcore games

but with the psp go, it doesn't seem like sony's going to bundle god of war ang the psp go. More casual games and psp go.

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Troll-Killer3269d ago

...the guitar/drum peripherals must be TINY. o_0

shadow27973268d ago

Imagine the drumsticks ;-)

-Mezzo-3269d ago

Now i think the price is justified.

Lets-Game3269d ago

if they bundle them with those new 2tb memory sticks and sell for 300$ psp gonna be HUGE. can you imagine how much portable porn you will have. thats like fkng disturbing!

Troll-Killer3269d ago

...there are no "new 2TB memory sticks". By the time they're available....if a new tech doesn't come about first....the PSP will be on it's 5th or 6th iteration.

SoapShoes3268d ago

For only $50 more you get four times the memory built in.