Tesco Set To Sell PSP Go Under £200

With PSP Go being lined up as the must have item this Christmas, in addition to being the 1st console to offer games totally through digital distribution price will be key. Tesco is already set to cut the price under £200. Read the article for full details plus a link to the deal

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shocky163244d ago

That's cheap! considering I can get a Xbox 360 for £130

and a DS for £70

It's gonna flop so hard WW with a price like that. Hell Sony are going to drop the PS3's price soon to $300 and that means the PSP Go! will only be $50 cheaper.

yoghurt3244d ago

Can you carry your xbox with you? can you store 16gb in your out-of-the-box xbox? are you getting a 'designed for handheld' list of great games such as GT5? can you remotely connect to your ps3 and use your media such as vidzone on the move?

to name but a few.

You seem all to confident it will fail, yet you probably haven't thought of the selling points.

RememberThe3573244d ago

It is abundantly obvious that the price is too high. They are trying to go after the iPod Touch market but I'm not sure those people even know this thing exists.

As things stand now I don't see the PSP Go wont moving many units. But we also have to realize that it's getting launched with GT and that is sure to get the attention of some gamers who have not payed much attention to this.

Plus we are sure to hear about more feature for the PSP that will make the product more appealing to a more general audience.

The gaming GOD3244d ago

That could very well be a pricing error. Tesco is very well known for their price mishaps. And they usually don't honor them whey people catch them in their price error, even when people reserve and pre order

guesty813244d ago

Perhaps, but the likes of Amazon are also offering discounts on the system so I think it's more than possible that Tesco will offer it for this price.

doctorstrange3244d ago

as most Tescos dont sell PSP games so its no loss to them if they push this handheld

Marty83703244d ago

Tesco won't be the only one offering PSP Go at under the £249 RRP. You can bet other retailers follow suit. The margins must be high on the item.

monkey nuts3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I think most 24hr tescos sell pretty much anything and everything*. Well atleast the one a few miles from me does, including psp games. I bought FF VII crisis core from there a few months back on a discounted price. If they do honour the 200 price point then I'll be off to tescos at launch for a psp go and 20ft inflatable bouncy castle* (see above).

The bouncy castles to keep my young'un busy so I get some time with my new psp :P