Games On Demand to Cost 1600 Microsoft Points

That's right, Microsoft have revealed that it will cost 1600 Microsoft Points (roughly £13.60) for you to digitally download Xbox 360 games through the "Games on Demand" service.


Baxy-Z are getting reports that Microsoft have been contacted and they have now confirmed the prices for the games on the 'Games on Demand' service will vary in price. Starting at 1600 Microsoft Points all the way to 2400 Microsoft Points ($30).

“Games on Demand titles will cost roughly the same as you would expect to pay for these titles in a retail store, from $19.99 to $29.99 (USD),” Microsoft said.

With that in mind, do you now think 2400 points is too much?

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Mindboggle3239d ago

What is that in £ Pounds ???

Mindboggle3239d ago

Are there still going to be xbox original titles to download from this games on demand service, as shown in the picture ??

Pistolero3239d ago originals will still be there....I can't wait for the 360 games though...this service is cool.

FragMnTagM3239d ago

Is it saying that you have to pay 1600 MS points in order to be able to download them, or is it saying that they will all cost 1600 a piece? If it is the latter, that is about 20 bucks, so that is not bad.

Blaze9293239d ago

It's saying they will all cost 1600 Microsoft points (or simply $20) a piece. That is the set pricing for games on demand which isnt bad at all seeing as Platinum Hits retail for $30.

Of course you will always have the cheaper option of buying those games used but to have a digital copy you own for life and can download 24/7 whenever you want without worrying about your disc messing up is pretty sweet.

Baka-akaB3239d ago

I'm all for digital , hell i couldnt care les about physical media for games .
But no the option to download it whenever you want isnt good enough to justify such price .

KionicWarlord2223239d ago

what the ...



but in the end you have to buy the 2000 ms points

Xbox LIVE 500 Microsoft Points bundle - $6.25
Xbox LIVE 1000 Microsoft Points bundle - $12.50
Xbox LIVE 2000 Microsoft Points bundle - $25.00
Xbox LIVE 5000 Microsoft Points bundle - $62.50

Blaze9293239d ago can pay in real dollars. No more points crap.

omegaheat3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

I am a very big fan of Microsoft, but I will never be biased just to support my fanboyism. That would be stupid. I'm quite suprised this hasn't stirred more of an argument amongst marketplace users. I really really believe that Microsoft prices most of the content above or below for sinister reasons. I'll give you an example. Recently I wanted to purchase the maps for Halo 3. The maps were priced at maybe 600 and 800 microsoft points. Instead of being able to purchase exactly 1400 microsoft points, I had to purchase the 1000 microsoft points bundle and then 500 microsoft points bundle. Here's where it gets tricky. After purchasing the maps let's just say that I now have 100 points left over. Now I'm wondering to myself what do I do with these left over points. Oh, guess what? There's virtually
nothing on Live that's valued at 100 points. Even a theme will run you 140 points. The point I'm trying to make here is that everything is priced the way it is so that buying content will always leave you with left over microsoft points from every purchase. If you wanted to buy content you will always be forced to buy one of the four bundles of microsoft points regardless of how many you really need to make a purchase. It will be an ongoing cycle inwhich you will always get the feeling that if you don't use the points that are left over, it may feel like wasted money. I like Microsoft, but that's pretty damn sinister if you aske me.

PS360PCROCKS3238d ago

Agreed Omega. Plus don't forget if you give them your card they keep it and charge you for xbox live automatically. It's terrible.

Vespertine3239d ago

So $20.00?

That's great!

Kushan3239d ago

That's actually pretty good value! Colour me impressed.

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